Retired teacher/journalist

Good luck. It seemed obvious he'd win the job.

re Indian fried bread (Pow Wow Fried) I'm reminded that back in the 70s, 80s over by the BiMart Plaza where The Dollar Tree is, there was a popular Bakery called the "Wig Wam Bakery" and no controversy. [smile]

Good idea. I read the one published today. As a subscriber since 1967, I always read the editorial/opinion page. I could be wrong but, it seems there are some overly long letters sometimes (over the limit) I'd like to see more published and limited to say 250 words or less.

It allows more to go on to community college and/or a university, or a job or a tech school and that is a good thing.

There should be an open competition and juried entries if any art is accepted.

What's next? Total anarchy?

Let the process play out legally, It's best for all concerned.

To get a drivers license in Oregon, one must show a certified birth certificate from the state/county born in and if married a woman with name change since birth a certified marriage certificate from state/county married in. So how can illegals get a driver's license and be registered to vote?

Past60 commented on Vivienne Woods

She'll be missed. A terrific person. I shared many wonderful hours golfing and playing bridge with her over the years. - Gail Snyder

Past60 commented on George Taylor

A terrific former boss and friend for 28 years. Our thoughts are with Georga and his family.
-- Pat and Gail Snyder.