Griff Smith

Griff Smith is far ahead of the other drivers in a race earlier this year in the Junior Stingers division at Coos Bay Speedway. Smith has won every main event of the season at the speedway. 

COOS BAY — Coos Bay Speedway regulars won the main events in several of the divisions on the oval dirt track Saturday night.

Brody Montgomery took the main event in the America’s Mattress Super Late Models, followed by BJ Donofrio and Braden Fugate. Montgomery and Joey Tanner won the heat races.

Scott Beaudoin won the heat race and main event in Mini Outlaws, followed by Jeff Thurman in the main event and Mike Beaudoin in the heat race.

Isaac Stere won the popular Hornets division, ahead of Bid Van Loon. Seth Christian, William Hitner and Van Loon won the three heat races.

Griff Smith again won Junior Stingers, a class that drew 17 racers Saturday. Cameron Metzgus was second and Alex Butler third. Smith, Metzgus and Heather Burton won the three heat races.

Two racers making their season debuts at the speedway won the main events in the Street Stocks and Sportsman Late Models divisions.

Blake Lehman won the Street Stocks, ahead of Ken Fox. Lehman and Seth Christian won the heat races.

And Ray Comer took the Sportsman Late Models division ahead of Doug Coffman. Tahlan Rogers and Coffman won the heat races.

Racers are back on the dirt track Saturday night for one of the season’s big events, the mega bike giveaway, where the first 100 kids through the gate will receive free Hot Wheels cars and get a ticket to enter to win the bike of their choice.

The evening also marks the season debut of the ISCS Winged Sprint Cars.

The gates open at 4 p.m. and racing starts at 6:30 p.m. Admission is $12 for adults, $10 for senior citizens and students 7 to 17 and free for children 6 and under. A family pass for two adults and up to three students is $35.

Coos Bay Speedway

May 1

Oval Dirt Track

America’s Mattress Super Late Models —

Heat Race 1: 1. Joey Tanner, Portland; 2. BJ Donofrio, Salem; 3. Braden Fugate, Bandon; 4. Richard Wallace, Gold Beach; 5. Hannah Robison, Myrtle Point.

Heat Race 2: 1. Brody Montgomery, Bandon; 2. Wayne Butler, Bandon; 3. Bryan Norton, Stayton; 4. Mike Taylor, Reedsport; 5. James Slover, Lebanon.

Main Event: 1. Brody Montgomery; 2. BJ Donofrio; 3. Braden Fugate; 4. Bryan Norton; 5. Wayne Butler; 6. Richard Wallace; 7. Mike Taylor; 8. Hannah Robison; 9. Joey Tanner.

Sportsman Late Models —

Heat Race 1: 1. Doug Coffman, Roseburg; 2. Dustin Comer, Springfield; 3. Ray Comer; 4. Chris Allmendinger; 5. Mike Leavery, Waldport.

Heat Race 2: 1. Tahlan Rogers, Albany; 2. Josh Kralicek; 3. Ryan Emry, Corvallis; 4. Charles Carson, Eugene.

Main Event: 1. Ray Comer; 2. Doug Coffman; 3. Dustin Comer; 4. Ryan Emry; 5. Chris Allmendinger; 6. Charles Carson; 7. Tahlan Rogers; 8. Josh Kralicek; 9. Mike Lavery.

Street Stocks — 

Heat Race 1: 1. Blake Lehman; 2. Graig Osborne; 3. Ken Fox, North Bend; 4. Wayne Clink, Eugene; 5. Dan Briesacher, Florence.

Heat Race 2: 1. Seth Christian, Roseburg; 2. Amanda Solum, Redmond; 3. Tim Jenner, Newberg; 4. Leroy Rockwell, Florence; 5. Charlie Withers, Bandon.

Main Event: 1. Blake Lehman; 2. Ken Fox; 3. Graid Osborne; 4. Wayne Clink; 5. Leroy Rockwell; 6. Dan Briesacher; 7. Seth Christian; 8. Tim Jenner; 9. Amanda Solum; 10. Charlie Withers.

Mini Outlaws —

Heat Race: 1. Scott Beaudoin, Portland; 2. Mike Beaudoin, Portland; 3. Seth Christian, Roseburg; 4. Tristen Davidson; 5. Matthew Emry, Corvallis; 6. Jeff Thurman, Coquille.

Main Event: 1. Scott Beaudoin; 2. Jeff Thurman; 3. Mike Beaudoin; 4. Tristen Davidson; 5. Seth Christian; 6. Matthew Emry.

Hornets —

Heat Race 1: 1. Seth Christian, Roseburg; 2. Payton Reigard, North Bend; 3. Jonathan Cardwell, Dayton; 4. George Wheeler, Florence; 5. Taylor Harper, Washougal, Wash.

Heat Race 2: 1. Bid Van Loon, Winston; 2. Alexis Baker, Myrtle Point; 3. Lily Metzgus, Myrtle Point; 4. Jim Van Loon; 5. Ben Bahadar, La Cross, Wash.; 6. Austin Beaudoin, Portland.

Heat Race 3: 1. William Hitner, Port Orford; 2. Isaac Stere, Cottage Grove; 3. Alyssa Johnson, Coquille; 4. Cole Trissell, Springfield.

Main Event: 1. Isaac Stere; 2. Bid Van Loon; 3. Payton Reigard; 4. Seth Christian; 5. Austin Beaudoin; 6. Taylor Harper; 7. George Wheeler; 8. Alyssa Johnson; 9. Jim Van Loon; 10. William Hitner; 11. Ben Bahadar.

Junior Stingers —

Heat Race 1: 1. Griff Smith, Bandon; 2. Alex Butler, Bandon; 3. Tallon Dubisar, Coquille; 4. Max Haga, Coquille; 5. Drake Vincent, Myrtle Point; 6. Dylan Wheeler, Florence.

Heat Race 2: 1. Heather Burton, Coos Bay; 2. Jordan Wheeler, Florence; 3. Tanner Dubisar, Coquille; 4. Madilynn Hardy Ashley, Jasper; 5. Anthony Hoggatt, Bandon; 6. Hailee Tilton, North Bend.

Heat Race 3: 1. Cameron Metzgus, Coos Bay; 2. DJ Nelson, Coos Bay; 3. Tucker Dubisar, Coquille; 4. Riley Rockwell, Florence; 5. Brad Lenz, Shady Cove.

Main Event: 1. Griff Smith; 2. Cameron Metzgus; 3. Alex Butler; 4. Heather Burton; 5. Tallon Dubisar; 6. Madilynn Hardy Ashley; 7. DJ Nelson; 8. Max Haga; 9. Tanner Dubisar; 10. Dylan Wheeler; 11. Tucker Dubisar; 12. Jordan Wheeler.

B Feature: 1. Madilynn Hardy Ashley; 2. Max Haga; 3. Riley Rockwell; 4. Dylan Wheeler; 5. Anthony Hoggatt; 6. Hailee Tilton; 7. Drake Vincent.


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