Winning effort

Marshfield's David Flores Garcia (21) and Alberto Castillo (10)

The Marshfield Pirates boys soccer team was ready to end the season with a win on Wednesday, and they did just that. The visiting Marist Spartans lost to Marshfield with a final score of 3-1. 

The Pirates were behind in the first half and struggled to score, but after a quick pep talk during halftime, they turned the tables and made their first goal. The second half of Wednesday’s game was an intense game of kicking, running and intercepting the soccer ball throughout the entire field. Both teams were on the edge of their seats with many close goal shots. Marshfield’s star goalie, Gannon Frost, was on his A-game, preventing the Spartans from scoring again. Near the end of the game the Pirates made two more goals, sealing the score at 3-1. 

The boys were ecstatic about yet another win, ending the season with a league title.

“We came out strong and finished strong,” said senior Ernesto Rosale. “It's surreal (winning the league); you can't really explain it. We've never done it.”

The boys have come a way since pre-season, losing two non-league games, their first due to only having one practice with the entire team. 

“We weren’t fully strong just coming out of quarantine,” said head coach Chad Putman. “It probably set us back two to four weeks before we recovered.” 

The team overcame their setbacks and has now won the Sky-Em league season, with nine wins, zero losses, and one tie against Cottage Grove.


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