Marshfield wins

After a devastating game two years ago, the Marshfield Pirates came back for revenge winning the civil war game 55-6 against the North Bend Bulldogs. 

Senior center and defensive tackle Hayden Murphy was ecstatic after taking the win. 

“It felt really good to finally come back and beat the Bulldogs after that blowout two years ago,” he said. 

 Senior running back and middle linebacker Ezra Waterman thinks the Pirates have a promising season ahead of them. With a four-game winning streak behind them, the team is fired up and expecting to make it to the state championship this season. 

“I felt like our offense took advantage of them being a younger team and our defense just did what we do best and that’s play as a team,” said Waterman. “I think we played a near perfect game in the first half when our starters were in and our JV played their hearts out when they got in.”

”It was great to see the future of Marshfield get some action against a varsity team,” said Murphy. “Seeing all the freshmen and sophomores just gets you hyped for what they can do.” 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the North Bend Bulldogs team was quarantined during the originally scheduled match against the Marshfield Pirates. Saturday’s game was scheduled at the last minute to give the community a second chance at the much-anticipated civil war clash.

“The atmosphere at the game was just like it is at other game every other year, jam packed and full of school spirit,” Murphy said. “Seeing generations of graduates from both sides can feel so real. It can bring back memories of when they played their rivalry games.” 

The afternoon match also allowed for a special tribute to the 13 soldiers lost in Kabul. 

“Being a part of the memorial was so special as a football player because it’s a way to show our support in the only way we can,” said Murphy.


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