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Oct. 28, 2018 — Tyler Ravencroft found his share of tasty lingcod, rockfish and greenling sea monsters while spear fishing in Coos Bay. In this photo you see the places you don’t put your hand.

Howdy everyone! The better than summer weather just keeps hanging on and although the ocean remains closed to crabbing and the wind and waves are too big to chase rockfish, the bay remains hot for everything. I took a few days off this week and seemed to still spend most of it in Charleston but instead of working I have been fishing and crabbing and we have been doing amazing! Dungeness crab and redrock crab have been filling our pots and our bellies and deep fried, grilled and baked rockfish have been on the menu each day. Most days the fish are easy pickin’ and quickly fall victim to our three-quarter ounce jig heads with small plastic swim baits.

Limits are there for everyone to catch, folks, so don’t hesitate to come in and grab some gear to take advantage of the bounty in our backyard. On the third day of fishing we could see a ton of fish on our depth-finder but getting them to bite was a chore. Sure we were picking away at them but the bite was just not proportional to the mass of fish we were seeing. There was an easy fix for this. My fishing partners Tyler and Chad went below the cabin and came up with their dive gear, donned their equipment and went into the deep blue water. Truth be told it wasn’t really that deep and we started off in about 12 feet of water. The guys worked this little reef just outside our marina and followed it down to about 40 feet in only about 25 or 30 minutes and came back with limits of rockfish, a couple monster lingcod (one was 15 pounds), a handful of scallops, and some crab to round everything off! Not only did they get limits of rockfish they got five different species of rockfish! So, if the ocean is rough and you can’t get out, don’t think for a moment you can’t catch fish, folks, it's all right here for the taking.

I call the attached picture “places you don’t put your hand” and the sea monsters you are looking at the business end of are a lingcod, copper rockfish, blue rockfish, black rockfish, kelp greenling, and a grass rockfish. Thanks to Tyler Ravencroft for spearing and sharing his catch.

Rob Gensorek is the owner of Basin Tackle www.basintackle.com in the Charleston Marina and can be reached by phone at 541-888-FISH, by Facebook at Basin Tackle Charleston, or e-mail at basin_tackle@yahoo.com. Rob’s fishing reports can be heard daily at 6:20 a.m. and 4:20 p.m. on KRSB Best Country 103 out of Roseburg and his Basin Tackle Outdoor Show can be heard Wednesdays at 3 p.m. and Saturdays at 6 a.m. at kwro.com. In addition to all this, he sometimes actually gets out and catches a fish or two.

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