New turf

Workers install the new turf at the football stadium at North Bend High School. The turf is expected to be in place before the October 15 football game.

NORTH BEND — The new turf for Vic Adams Field at North Bend was 10 weeks late.

Now workers are speeding along the process of getting it installed in time for the Bulldogs’ homecoming football game next week.

The new field was supposed to be installed in time for the beginning of football practices, but faced delays due to supplies arriving late, including new drains and, more recently, the turf itself.

Now everything is in town and the workers are quickly getting everything in place.

“They got here Monday morning, by 8 o’clock they were on the field,” North Bend Athletic Director Mike Forrester said.

By Tuesday, after a day working in the rain, the main portion of the field was in place, with the sections sewn together by the crew.

The exception was the sidelines and the crews also needed to sew in the individual hash marks, the numbers and the logo at the center of the field.

That was expected to go fairly quickly, as well, Forrester said.

“It’s pretty impressive to watch them,” he said.

When all the parts of the field are in place, the final step will be installing the tiny rubber pellets that provide the padding for the field.

Forrester expects the group from FieldTurf to work through the weekend if necessary so the field can be ready for the game with Willamette.

“They said it takes a week to a week and a half,” he said.

The new turf isn’t the only change at Vic Adams Field.

North Bend also is installing a new sound system with multiple speakers on each side of the field, pointed at various sections of the grandstands.

The past 15 years, the only speaker for the stadium has been a huge speaker attached to the scoreboard at the south end of the field.

That speaker has not produced an even sound quality throughout the stadium, with the noises somewhat muffled in some areas, but has been an earsore at times for the neighbors.

Forrester said it can be heard in Glasgow north of the McCullough Bridge some nights and is particularly loud on the hill just east of the stadium that includes Hillcrest Elementary School.

“As much as anything, it will be good for the neighbors,” Forrester said of the new sound system.

Provided all the work goes as scheduled, North Bend will host two varsity football games — the one against Willamette and an Oct. 29 match against Thurston.

North Bend also will get a few soccer matches at home after the boys and girls teams have had to play their matches at Southwestern Oregon Community College this fall.

That has worked out great, Forrester said.

“We’ve had a nice working relationship with SWOCC,” he said.

The boys and girls soccer teams host Willamette on Oct. 19 and Churchill on Oct. 23.


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