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Both the boys and girls swim teams at Marshfield came home with trophies, with the boys winning the state crown and the girls placing fourth.

COTTAGE GROVE — Marshfield’s boys swim team captured the Class 4A state title Saturday with a big finish at Cottage Grove High School.

The Pirates won the final two events — the 100-yard breaststroke and the 400-yard freestyle relay — to come from behind and beat Marist Catholic by 10 points, 227 to 217.

Marshfield also brought home a girls trophy, with the Pirates placing fourth in a team race won by Newport.

“I thought all our swims were great, considering the kids had cut a lot of time the week before (at the district meet) and either equaled their time or improved,” Marshfield coach Kathe McNutt said. “This is a wonderful group who have grown up swimming club, working and volunteering at the pool.

“They are a team, both boys and girls, that I’m extremely proud of, in and out of the water.”

Marshfield’s boys were led by senior Robert Kliewer, who saved the best for last in his high school sports career.

Kliewer won the breaststroke in a time of 1 minute and 5.39 seconds and then teamed with Jack Waddington, Trey Kirk and Aaron Hutchins to won the 400 freestyle relay in 3:34.19, less than a second ahead of Marist Catholic (3:34.90).

“I did not have a good first two seasons this year,” Kliewer said. “Cross country was slow and I injured myself during track so I could not compete at districts so I was dead set on making the swim season (great).”

At the start of the meet, Kliewer, Kirk, Waddington and Hutchins teamed to place second in the medley relay, behind Marist Catholic, and Kliewer also finished third in the individual medley, but he was disappointed with both of those results because he was seeded higher.

The Pirates were adding points along the way, though. Hutchins and Kirk were second and fifth, respectively, in the 200 freestyle, Waddington was fifth in the individual medley and Kirk and Markus Kliewer were third and fourth in the 500 freestyle.

But Marist was having success, too, and had a significant lead heading into the final two races.

The breaststroke turned out to be the key event, with Robert Kliewer followed by Hutchins in third place and Waddington in fourth.

And then Kliewer got the team fired up, sparked by something he said he overheard.

“Toward the end, they announced the team scores before including the (breaststroke) and Marist was ahead and I heard the Marist team saying, ‘When they announce we won state …,’ so I turned to my 400 free relay team and said to them, ‘Let’s prove them wrong and win this, and we did as a team.”

It capped a big finish for Marshfield.

“We held strong come the second half of the meet and pulled it off,” Kliewer said.

“This was most definitely a team effort. We had lots of newer boys swimming in the finals at state for their first time and it was really exciting to see how they have improved throughout the year to make it there.”

McNutt praised Kliewer for his senior leadership.

“Robbie was definitely the swimmer who got the others fired up,” she said. “It’s exciting to me, since the other three boys (on the relay) are returning next year and have improved so much, along with the rest of the team.”

Marshfield’s girls also placed well in the same two relays as the boys, also with the same quartet.

Kally Haynes, Sydney Trendell, Paige Kirchner and Mira Matthews placed third in the medley relay and fifth in the 400 freestyle relay.

Matthews was third in the 100 freestyle and fourth in the 50 freestyle. Trendell was third and Kierra Cooley fifth in the breaststroke. Kirchner also was sixth in the 200 freestyle and Eli Delgado was sixth in the butterfly.

Newport rolled up 280 points, with Sweet Home second with 243.

The meet was a successful cap to an odd sports year sparked by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic that delayed all sports from their traditional time slots. Swimming, for example, is usually a winter sport.

But in Class 4A, all sports also had state championships, even if they weren’t sanctioned by the Oregon School Activities Association, spurred by the efforts of Marshfield athletic director Greg Mulkey working with his Class 4A colleagues.

“I want to thank Mr. Mulkey for everything he did to make this happen,” Robert Kliewer said.

Class 4A State Meet

At Cottage Grove


Team Scores (top five): Marshfield 227, Marist Catholic 217, Seaside 172, Klamath Union 169, North Valley 128.

Winners and Marshfield results

200 Medley Relay — 1. Marist Catholic, 1:47.56; 2. Marshfield (Jack Waddington, Aaron Hutchins, Robert Kliewer, Trey Kirk), 1:49.41.

200 Freestyle — 1. Tanner Fixsen, Stayton, 1:51.84; 2. Aaron Hutchins, Marshfield, 1:53.66; 5. Trey Kirk, Marshfield, 2:05.21; 15. Trevor Robbins, Marshfield, 2:25.32.

200 Individual Medley — 1. Colby Anderson, Madras, 2:08.12; 3. Robert Kliewer, Marshfield, 2:11.96; 5. Jack Waddington, Marshfield, 2:17.38.

50 Freestyle — 1. Carson Washburn, North Valley, 22.39.

100 Butterfly — 1. Colby Anderson, Madras, 55.26; 11. Markus Kliewer, Marshfield, 1:02.04.

100 Freestyle — 1. Carson Washburn, North Valley, 49.02.

500 Freestyle — 1. Tanner Fixsen, Stayton, 5:03.47; 3. Trey Kirk, Marshfield, 5:25.23; 4. Markus Kliewer, Marshfield, 5:32.77; 11. Trevor Robbins, Marshfield, 6:42.48.

200 Freestyle Relay — 1. Seaside, 1:38.78; 14. Marshfield (Cael Church, Trevor Robbins, Jonas Batdorff, Markus Kliewer), 2:07.02.

100 Backstroke — 1. Sam Postlewait, Newport, 57.99; 15. Jonas Batdorff, Marshfield, 1:17.42.

100 Breaststroke — 1. Robert Kliewer, Marshfield, 1:05.39; 3. Aaron Hutchins, Marshfield, 1:06.02; 4. Jack Waddington, Marshfield, 1:08.55.

400 Freestyle Relay — 1. Marshfield (Jack Waddington, Robert Kliewer, Trey Kirk, Aaron Hutchins), 3:34.19.


Team Scores (top five): Newport 280, Sweet Home 243, Stayton 160, Marshfield 157, Baker 137.

Winners and Marshfield results

200 Medley Relay — 1. Sweet Home, 1:54.06; 3. Marshfield (Kally Haynes, Sydney Trendell, Paige Kirchner, Mira Matthews), 2:01.76.

200 Freestyle — 1. Chloe Tyler, Sweet Home, 1:55.73; 6. Paige Kirchner, Marshfield, 2:16.12; 13. Sara Weatherly, Marshfield, 2:31.67.

200 Individual Medley — 1. Brianna Stadler, Baker, 2:10.43; 11. Sydney Trendell, Marshfield, 2:35.27; 15. Isabelle Hale, Marshfield, 2:45.14.

50 Freestyle — 1. Paige Orlando, Klamath Union, 25.04; 4. Mira Matthews, Marshfield, 26.19; 13. Nyssa Haynes, Marshfield, 29.27.

100 Butterfly — 1. Brianna Stadler, Baker, 58.29; 6. Eli Delgado, Marshfield, 1:14.45.

100 Freestyle — 1. Lauren Bobo-Shisler, Newport, 54.12; 3. Mira Matthews, Marshfield, 58.72; 10. Kierra Cooley, Marshfield, 1:04.22; 13. Nyssa Haynes, Marshfield, 1:07.74.

500 Freestyle — 1. Marie Mason, Molalla, 5:29.72; 9. Kally Haynes, Marshfield, 6:08.85; 11. Eli Delgado, Marshfield, 6:37.35.

200 Freestyle Relay — 1. Sweet Home, 1:46.69.

100 Backstroke — 1. Chloe Tyler, Sweet Home, 57.39; 11. Kally Haynes, Marshfield, 1:07.77; 13. Paige Kirchner, Marshfield, 1:10.90.

100 Breaststroke — 1. Malia Hewitt, Sweet Home, 1:05.35; 3. Sydney Trendell, Marshfield, 1:15.07; 5. Kierra Cooley, Marshfield, 1:19.03; 13. Isabelle Hale, Marshfield, 1:28.20; 14. Sara Weatherly, Marshfield, 1:29.15.

400 Freestyle Relay — 1. Newport, 3:50.26; 5. Marshfield (Sydney Trendell, Paige Kirchner, Kally Haynes, Mira Matthews), 4:07.37.


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