COOS BAY — For the past several years, the effort to finish the south grandstand at Marshfield’s Pete Susick Stadium has been a labor of love for brothers Bill and Steve McNutt.

The project, called Raise the Roof, has been made easier because of the extensive generosity of fellow Marshfield graduates.

Last Friday, that work included installing the exterior windows for the five viewing boxes at the back end of the grandstands.

“It’s a great improvement,” Steve McNutt said while looking at the new windows. “Finally, after 3 ½ years, after a lot of help from a lot of Marshfield people. And most of them said yes.”

The project is looking more complete all the time, especially since the roof itself was finished during the winter.

Friday’s work crew included a number of familiar faces.

The McNutt brothers (Steve graduated in 1965 and Bill in 1975) came down from the Willamette Valley, and were joined in the window installation by Boyd Bjorkquist (Class of 1973), brothers Bob (Class of 1965) and Don (Class of 1962) Jenkins and brothers Chal (1969) and Keenan (1967) Holte.

Just getting to the point of being able to put in the windows took the work of several others.

Jeremy Bourell, the nephew of the McNutt brothers and a 1999 graduate, of Bourell Construction, framed the viewing boxes with some of his crew, donating all their time.

And 1996 graduate Casey Waterman roughed in the electrical framework with his crew from Electrical Specialty.

Bill McNutt said much of the credit for the project also goes to the wives of Bourell and Waterman — Andrea Bourell and Trinity Waterman — who have coordinated the scheduling for the project for their husbands. 

Many of the materials also have been donated, either outright or with the Raise the Roof fund paying for the materials at cost, Bill McNutt said.

The windows were a prime example of that. The McNutt brothers picked them up Thursday from Medallion Industries Vice President Julie Nix, a 1979 Marshfield graduate who coordinated her company donating the windows and providing the doors for the viewing boxes at cost.

Between the windows, doors, hardware, framing and sheet rock for the boxes, the Raise the Roof fund paid just $7,000 of about $32,000 in total costs, with the rest of the materials donated by Marshfield graduates or companies they work for Bill McNutt said.

The money to pay the expenses comes from donations to the fund.

The donated labor saves the group a bunch of money, he said, including hours spent in painting in earlier portions of the project.

The McNutts and Bjorquist have been regular contributors to the physical labor, as has Bob Jenkins, who was the project manager for the original work on the south grandstands back in the 1990s and then for the Heritage Hall project at Marshfield.

“I think it looks great,” Jenkins said Friday, adding that he was among the many people who have been asked to help here or there and haven’t said no.

“When we got done with Heritage Hall, Boyd asked, ‘Can you help on the stadium?’” he recalled. “I said, ‘I’ll help a little bit.’”

The same goes for his brother, who also was a financial donor, Bob Jenkins said.

Bill McNutt said the goal is to have the current phase of the project, the viewing boxes, to be completed by this fall — organizers hope to showcase them before the Marshfield-North Bend football game (if there is a football season).

The next phase will include restrooms and other touches.

The roof covers about 400 of the 1,310 seats on the south side of the stadium, to go with some 2,700 covered seats on the north side.

To learn more about the project, visit the Raise the Roof Marshfield Facebook page or


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