Marshfield and North Bend are halfway through the first of two fall seasons, their volleyball, softball, baseball and track teams competing against each other each week.

Between the schools, and the volleyball and track teams from Powers and a group of runners from Bandon, several hundred student-athletes are getting a chance to compete in their sports.

Some are busier than others, including Marshfield’s Cedar Ward, Gracie Peach and Paige MacDuff.

They are playing with both Marshfield softball team and its volleyball team.

Last week, that meant softball games three days and volleyball matches the other two, all after each day’s distance learning.

Busy, but in a good way.

“It’s a blast,” Ward said. “This is going to be fun.”

The senior is used to one season at a time, not juggling two sports concurrently.

Peach and MacDuff, on the other hand, are just freshman.

“It’s a little busy,” Peach said after one of the softball games last week. “But it’s fun. I’m glad we got a season.”

Marshfield volleyball coach Tammie Montiel is more than happy to have her athletes playing multiple sports at once, whether it’s volleyball and softball or volleyball and track, which has its meets each Friday through next week.

“I think it’s great they are getting to do as many activities right now as possible,” Montiel said. “We were shut down for so long, I want them to be able to do as many things as they are able to do.”


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