Vic Adams Field

The logo in the center of North Bend’s Vic Adams Field is illuminated Friday night as the school takes part in the #BeTheLightOR campaign. Music played over the stadium’s speakers as people parked outside the stadium or drove by. Next week, North Bend’s regular stadium voice, Steve Greif, will announce all the senior athletes during the event, which starts each Friday at 2020 military time (8:20 p.m.) for the Class of 2020.

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South Coast schools again turned on their stadium lights on Friday night as they took part in the quickly growing #BeTheLightOR campaign to honor seniors who weren't able to return to the classrooms this spring amid the coronavirus pandemic. 

Marshfield, North Bend, Bandon and Reedsport high schools lit up their stadiums on Friday, while Gold Beach turned on its lights Wednesday and Myrtle Point on Thursday. 

Coquille will turn on the stadium lights at Spike Leslie Field on Monday (April 20) in honor of the class of 2020. 


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