Bandon Crossings

The tee marker greets golfers on the first hole at Bandon Crossings south of Bandon. 

Bandon Crossings

Greenskeeper’s Revenge

Oct. 24

Low Gross — Steve Harris, Martin Weaver, Neal Brown and John Murphy, 60; Matthew Schueneman, Robin Oliver, Kris Valencia and Tim Palmer, 62; Dan van Donk, Alan Heyn, K.C. Gonzalez and Andrew Kimball, 62; Ryder Desteunder, Connor Smith, Jared Heman and Cody Nuch, 62; Stu Blasius, Brian Caplener, Gerry Snyder and Richard Stefiuk, 64; Mitch McCullough, Sam McCullough, Phil Shoaf and Brian Gibson, 65; Lee Buffington, Luis Rast, Paul Pritchard and Dan McDonough, 67; Wim McSpadden, Phil Bennett, Bobby Cox and Greg Harless, 69; Sean Kearney, Cedric Johnston, Steven Robb and Bob Bray, 70; Carter Borror, Don Swenson, Tyler Lienemann and John Gunther, 73; Arthur Roberson, Dan Hester, Dennis Thomason and Rex Smith, 75; Martha Blochlinger, Gary Martin, Curt Fraley and Marilyn Pothier, 79.

Low Net — John Ohanesian, Justin Johnson, Jeff Johnson and Chip England, 57; Mike Barnes, Reed McNeely, Judy Miles and Kevin Murray, 58; Sheryl Todd, Jim Lorenzen, Frank Cronan and John Miles, 60; Grady Walker, Jeff Brock, Mike Reeynolds and Edward Sherwood, 60; Jerry Luoto, Tracy Couch, Teresssa Berg and Jennifer Parker, 60; Rick Evans, Ray Fabien, David Kimes and Sarah Gray, 61; John Campbell, Val Nemcek, Christopher Schwartz and Jim Sylvester, 62; Robert Reed, Travis Johnson, Pamela Johnson and Charlie Johnson, 63; Diane Buche, Dave Buche, Ed Atkinson and Scott Buche, 67; Don Weissert, Gerard Ledoux, Brian Boyle and Brian Saska, 68; Howard Seaton, Jon Gysbers, David Hanna and Mason Parke, 72; Carolyn Gagnon, Mark Gagnon, Donna Carlson and Ben Garrick, 77.

Closest to Pin (0-12 handicap) — Carolyn Gagnon (No. 2), Dan van Donk (Nos. 4 and 8), Connor Smith (Nos. 6, 10 and 18), Jared Heman (No. 12), Stu Blasius (No. 14), Lee Buffington (No. 16),

Closest to Pin (13+ handicap) — Ray Fabien (No. 1), Chip England (No. 3), Phil Bennett (No. 5), John Campbell (No. 7), John Ohanesian (No. 9), Pamela Johnson (No. 11), David Kimes (Nos. 13 and 17), Don Weissert (No. 15).

Wacky Wednesdays

Oct. 21


Low Net — Jim Sylvester 35, John Johnston 36, Jim Lorenzen 36, Val Nemcek 38, Gerard Ledoux 39, Dewey Powers 40, Frank Cronan 41, Ed Tyner 43, Brian Saska 45, Robert Webber 45, Tom Gant 48.

Closest to Pin — Ed Tyner (Nos. 6 and 17), Frank Cronan (Nos. 9 and 14), Dewey Powers (No. 11).

Casual Fridays

Oct. 23


Low Net — Brian Saska 29, John Johnston 31, Bobby Cox 31, Jim Sylvester 32, Gerard Ledoux 32, Phil Shoaf 33, Robert Webber 34, Tom Gant 34, Craig Ford 34, Rick Evans 34, Richard Stefiuk 34, Mark Nortness 34, Chip England 35, Greg Harless 35, David Kimes 36, Mitch McCullough 36, Val Nemcek 37, Wim McSpadden 37, John Ohanesian 38.

Closest to Pin — Gerard Ledoux (No. 6), Phil Shoaf (No. 9), Mark Nortness (No. 11), Bobby Cox (No. 14), Jim Sylvester (No. 17).


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