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SWOCC golfer Abby Dixon signed her national letter of intent on Thursday with her coach Ray Fabien and friends/teammates Haleigh Bei and Sydney Dale on hand.

COOS BAY — Abby Dixon still doesn’t know if she’s good enough at golf to pursue it.

Her consistent play and improvement at Southwestern Oregon Community College earned her a two-year scholarship to Metropolitan State University Denver in Colorado where she will study meteorology, but she is uncertain. Uncertain of her ability.

“I still don’t know if I’m 100 percent sure about it yet,” she said after signing her letter of intent on Thursday. “I was a big volleyball player in high school. My volleyball coach always said, ‘I think you have a better future in golf.’ So I took that into consideration. And here I am.”

Dixon signed her letter with her two best friends and teammates, Sydney Dale and Haleigh Bei close.

“It’s so nice having supporters,” Dixon said. “Especially being so far away from home.”

Golf was always around for Dixon.

When her family moved north to Weed, Calif., it became friends with a local LPGA pro, and Dixon started riding around the cart with her dad.

It wasn’t long before she starting hitting balls and playing. She wouldn’t ever watch much golf on TV, but she played a lot.

“(My dad) influenced me a lot,” she said.

It wasn’t until her junior year of high school, though, when she figured this could be something to pursue.

Initially, she said, golf was simply leverage to get to college and continue on in life. But over time, she developed a close relationship with the sport. Normally used to team-based games, like volleyball, the individual nature of golf clicked with Dixon’s competitive personality.

“I’m just a super competitive person,” Dixson said. “I think it’s easier to be more competitive in golf because it’s an individual and team sport. I think that aspect of it was a huge role because I always played on team sports.”

It’s shown in her improvement over her two years under Lakers coach Ray Fabien.

“She shot in the 70s a couple times for us,” Fabien said. “But not only that, you can see the improvement in her game, her swing, her confidence, how she manages the golf course. Those are the things we talk about. She does those things and determines what the result is going to be.”

As Dixon moves up to the NCAA Division II level, Fabien is sure she can continue her upward trajectory.

“She’s a good listener,” he said. “She’s very strong competitor, very determined young lady. Loves the game of golf. Loves challenges. Never afraid of challenges.”

Dixon, still not sure of her place, isn’t willing to turn away from golf just yet. It’s taken her this far, she figures, might as well ride it out as far as she can.

“I think over the past two years, maybe, I’ve been thinking, ‘If I could get into golf after college, too, that’d be amazing,’” she said. “That’s, honestly, every athlete’s dream to pursue afterward.”


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