Disc golf

Corbin White takes a shot while playing doc golf with friends at Ferry Road Park.

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North Bend recently installed a nine-hole disc golf course at Ferry Road Park and is asking residents for feedback on whether to keep the course or get rid of it. The city installed the course temporarily. It will be in place for 30 days, giving members of the city council an opportunity to receive feedback before deciding whether to make the course permanent. On Tuesday, Corbin White, Jayden Frank and a few other friends played 18 holes despite chilly temperatures and strong breezes. They all agreed the course was fun and challenging, saying they would love it to stay. “I like it a lot,” Frank said. “I like it more because there’s longer holes, and it’s not as crowded as the other one. I’d love it if they kept it here. It adds a course and it makes it so the other course isn’t overrun.”


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