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COOS BAY — Record-setting ultrarunner Camille Herron is in Coos Bay this week and will meet the public during an event Wednesday night at Front Street Provisioners. 

Herron, who hails from Colorado, has been brought to town by Linda Prefontaine as part of her ongoing plan to bring motivational speakers to the area to encourage students and the public. 

Herron will be at Front Street Provisioners from 6 to 9 p.m. for a dinner that also will include a question-and-answer session. The cost is $25 at the door. 

Earlier in the day, she will speak to the student body at Marshfield in a talk that won't be open to the public. 

Herron's records for women, according to UltraRunning Magazine and the International Association of Ultrarunners, include fastest 50-mile run (5 hours, 38 minutes and 41 seconds, or 6:45 per mile), fastest 100-mile run (12:42:40, or 7:37 per mile), farthest distance completed in 12 hours (92.6 miles, or 7:46 per mile) and farthest distance completed in 24 hours (167.8 miles, or 8:35 per mile). 

Prefontaine, the younger sister of famed Marshfield runner Steve Prefontaine, is hoping to bring in a motivational and inspirational speaker each year. Last fall she brought in Billy Mills, a 1964 Olympic champion and the subject of the movie "Running Brave."

"The main focus is bringing people in here to talk to this depressed area of kids growing up here," Linda Prefontaine said. 

Rather than kids hearing only about the lack of good jobs in the area, Prefontaine hopes the students listen to the message of Mills and Herron about finding success through having dreams, setting goals and working hard to achieve them. 

Those are traits of successful people, she said. 

When she was growing up in Colorado, Herron who is 37, was inspired by Steve Prefontaine — her dad saw him run in college and told her about him. 

Herron was a state champion in track and cross country in high school and went to the University of Tulsa, though she was sidelined by injuries. She fell in love with the sport again in her mid-20s, becoming an ultra runner. 

She's been running ever since and was the International Association of Ultrarunners Athlete of the Year in 2015 and 2018. 


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