Patrick Tackaberry

Patrick Tackaberry points to the ball after his hole-in-one at Bandon Crossings. 

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Patrick Tackaberry, a member of the greens crew at Bandon Crossings, had his first career hole-in-one at the course on Wednesday.

Tackaberry used a hybrid to ace the 172-yard 11th hole. Tackaberry, who lives in Bandon and is 54, has been golfing about five years.

He was playing with three other members of the greens crew after they finished their course maintenance work for the day. The others were Tim Lee, Armin Miller and Stidney Durette.

Miller had changed the hole location on the green Wednesday morning.

Casual Fridays

Phil Shoaf extended his lead in the race for the Crossings Cup by shooting a 4-under par 68 during last week’s Casual Fridays event at Bandon Crossings.

Through eight weeks, Shoaf has amassed 62 points, which gives him a 13-point lead on Dewey Powers and 18-point lead on Rich Stefiuk in the season-long points race. The top eight will be in a match-play tournament at the end of the season to determine the Crossings Cup winner.

John Johnston had the best net score last Friday with a 68.

Wacky Wednesdays

Stefiuk and Johnston were the winners of the Wacky Wednesday game this week.

Stefiuk took low-gross honors and Johnston won for low net on a day when the game was You Pick Em.

For information on the Casual Fridays and Wacky Wednesdays games at Bandon Crossings, or to arrange a tee time, visit or call 541-347-3232.

Casual Fridays

May 15

Low Gross — Phil Shoaf 68, Jim Wakeman 71, Jeff Mihalick 74, Gary Coots 75, Carter Borror 78, Stu Blasius 79, Rich Stefiuk 79, Neal Cahoon 82, Brian Gibson 82, Mitch McCullough 83, Briak Saksa 85, Mark Nortness 85, Wayne Everest 86, Bobby Cox 87, Brian Boyle 88, Louis Wantland 88, Val Nemcek 90, John Loverin 91, Toby Bowman 93, Don Weissert 97, Rick Evans 99.

Low Net — John Johnston 68, Toby Stanley 70, Cedric Johnston 72, Michael Shields 72, Frank Cronan 73, Jim Lorenzen 73, John Ohanesian 73, Dewey Powers 74, Eric Oberbeck 74, Rex Smith 75, Ed Tyner 75, Chip England 75, Wim McSpadden 75, Wes Osborne 75, Gerard Ledoux 75, Ray Fabien 76, David Kimes 76, Kathrine Barton 76, Robert Webber 77, Luke Thornton 78, Craig Ford 78, Martha Blochlinger 78, Ed Yelton 79, Tom Gant 80, Marilyn Pothier 82.

Closest to Pin — Rich Stefiuk (No. 6), Ed Tyner (Nos. 9 and 14), Frank Cronan (No. 11), Jim Lorenzen (No. 14, tied with Tyner), Guy Hawthorne (No. 17).

Crossings Cup Top 15 (through eight weeks): Phil Shoaf 62, Dewey Powers 49, Rich Stefiuk 44, Carter Borror 37, Neal Cahoon 36, Toby Stanley 33, Dave Kimes 31, John Johnston 30, Mark Nortness 29, Bob Webber 28, Jeff Mihalick 27, Stu Blasius 25, Wim McSpadden 25, Martha Blochlinger 24, Brian Gibson 24.

Wacky Wednesdays

May 20

You Pick Em

Low Gross — Rich Stefiuk 48, Val Nemcek 56, Ray Fabien 56, Brian Saksa 58, Rex Smith 63, Chip England 64.

Low Net — John Johnston 46, Robert Webber 46, Toby Stanley 46, Bobby Cox 47, Dewey Powers 48, Terry Kirchner 48, Wim McSpadden 49, David Kimes 50, Tom Gant 51, Tom Lee 57.

Closest to Pin — Toby Stanley (Nos. 6 and 17), Richard Stefiuk (Nos. 9 and 11), Val Nemcek (No. 14).


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