Camden Chose, right, won the Southwestern Oregon Amateur golf tournament over the holiday weekend at Coos Golf Club.

Camden Chose won the annual Southwestern Oregon Amateur golf tournament over the holiday weekend at Coos Golf Club.

Chose, a former Southwestern Oregon Community College golfer now playing for the College of Idaho, was the top seed in the championship flight and won four matches to take the title. He beat No. 3 seed Jimmy Kelley in the championship match.

Chose shot a 2-over 74 in qualifying to earn the top seed, finishing one shot ahead of Charlie Stankiewicz. Kelly earned the No. 3 seed by shooting a 77 and beat Stankiewicz in the semifinals.

Chose beat Andrew Kimbell in the other semifinal match.

In the first flight, which included the golfers who lost their first match in the championship flight, Jason Humphrey beat Marty Stephens in the final.

Tyler Mulkey won the second flight, for the 16 golfers who did not make the championship flight in qualifying.

Mulkey beat Craig Praus in the final. They were among three golfers who just missed the championship flight with scores of 85, the same score as the final two qualifiers for the championship flight.

Mulkey beat Jim Schvandeveldt and Praus beat Mike Whitty in the semifinal matches.

In the third flight, for the golfers who lost in their first matches in the second flight, Kevin Resendez beat Joe Bird for the title.

Championship Flight

First Round

Camden Chose d. Robin Oliver

Amos Baker d. Tom Bigelow

Matt Schueneman d. Ron Beckham

Andrew Kimbell d. Jason Humphrey

Charlie Stankiewicz d. Kris Schueneman

Rich Edwards d. Rhett Kelton

Jimmy Kelley d. Ron Schaab

Lance Hendrix d. Marty Stephens


Camden Chose d. Amos Baker

Andrew Kimbell d. Matt Schueneman

Charlie Stankiewicz d. Rich Edwards

Jimmy Kelley d. Lance Hendrix


Camden Chose d. Andrew Kimbell

Jimmy Kelley d. Charlie Stankiewicz


Camden Chose d. Jimmy Kelley

First Flight


Tom Bigelow d. Robin Oliver

Jason Humphrey d. Ron Beckham

Rhett Kelton d. Kris Schueneman

Marty Stephens d. Ron Schaab


Jason Humphrey d. Tom Bigelow

Marty Stephens d. Rhett Kelton


Jason Humphrey d. Marty Stephens

Second Flight

First Round

Craig Praus d. Gary Kaiel

Andre Liloc d. Joe Bird

Mike Whitty d. Tom McAllister

Steve Stalcup d. Conrad Korsch

Tyler Mulkey d. Doug Grey

Pat Jones d. Kevin Resendez

Paul Welch d. Brady Liloc

Jim Schvaneveldt d. Pat Cahill


Craig Praus d. Andre Liloc

Mike Whitty d. Steve Stalcup

Tyler Mulkey d. Pat Jones

Jim Schvaneveldt d. Paul Welch


Craig Praus d. Mike Whitty

Tyler Mulkey d. Jim Schvaneveldt


Tyler Mulkey d. Craig Praus

Third Flight


Joe Bird d. Gary Kaiel

Tom McAllister d. Conrad Korsch

Kevin Resendez d. Doug Grey

Brady Liloc d. Pat Cahill


Joe Bird d. Tom McAllister

Kevin Resendez d. Brady Liloc


Kevin Resendez d. Joe Bird


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