Tristen Davison and Jason Kellam driving

Tristen Davison leads Jason Kellam during the Mini Outlaws main event Monday at Coos Bay Speedway. 

COOS BAY — Corey Day of Clovis, Calif., won the first leg of the Western Sprint Tour Speedweek on Monday at Coos Bay Speedway.

The race was the first of five in the state during the week and drew 18 drivers from Oregon, Washington and California.

Clovis moved up from the fifth position and beat pole-sitter Justyn Cox of Sacramento, Calif., for the featured win. Colby Copeland of Roseville, Calif., was third, followed by a pair of Oregon drivers — Tanner Holmes from Jacksonville and Tyler Thompson from Harrisburg.

The night also featured three heat races, won by Thompson, Jodie Robinson of Del Oro, Calif., and Drake Standley of Yuba City, Calif.

Joel Myers Jr. of Santa Rosa, Calif., set a new track record during qualifying when he turned a lap on the clay oval in 11.667 seconds.

The evening also included racing in three local divisions.

Steve Dubisar of Coquille won both the heat race and main event in the Street Stocks division, finishing ahead of Justin Krossman, also of Coquille.

In the Mini Outlaws division, Tristen Davison of Coos Bay won the main event, ahead of Jason Kellam of Coos Bay. Davison and Jeff Thurman of Coquille won the heat races.

And in the Junior Stingers division, Madilynn Hardy-Ashley of Jasper was the winner, ahead of Tallon Dubisar of Coquille. Hardy-Ashley and Alex Butler of Bandon won the heat races.

It was the second event in three nights for the local drivers, who also competed Saturday night in the annual Eve of Destruction.

That night, Brody Montgomery won the America’s Mattress Super Late Models Division, followed by Wayne Butler while Braden Fugate took the heat race. All three racers are from Bandon.

Dustin Hitner of Coos Bay won the Sportsman Late Models division, ahead of heat winner Ryan Emry of Corvallis.

Seth Christian of Roseburg won the Street Stocks division ahead of Dubisar after they won the two heat races.

Christian also won the Hornets class, ahead of Kris Parker of Florence. Christian and Kenneth Dill of Prineville won the heat races.

Kellam won the Mini Outlaws division ahead of Thurman. Kellam and Davison won the heat races.

And Griff Smith of Bandon won the Junior Stingers division, with Heather Burton of Coos Bay second. Smith and Tallon Dubisar won the heat races.

The local racers are back on the track twice this coming week, with the third Wednesday Night Throwdown on July 21 and Ken Ware Chevrolet Night on Saturday, July 24.

Wednesday’s action starts at 7 p.m., with the grandstands opening at 5. Admission is $10 for adults, $8 for senior citizens and students 7 to 17 and free for children 6 and under. A family pass is $25.

On July 21, the grandstands open at 4 p.m., with racing starting at 6:30. Admission is $12 for adults, $10 for senior citizens and students and $35 for a family pass. In addition to the local drivers, the evening includes a visit by the OTRO Hard Tops series.

Before all of that action next week, though, the speedway hosts one of the season’s biggest events for the drag racers, the annual Wally Weekend.

On Saturday and Sunday, drivers in the Super Pro, Pro, Sportsman, Motorcycle and Junior Dragster divisions will compete for the Wally trophies that go to the weekend champions.

The winners of the divisions each day will race Sunday afternoon for the prestigious trophies.

Both days the gates open at 8 a.m., with time trials starting at 11 a.m. and bracket racing at 1 p.m. Admission each day is $12 (free for children 6 and under) and the entry fee for drivers is $50.

Eve of Destruction

July 10

America’s Mattress Super Late Models — Heat Race: 1. Braden Fugate, Bandon; 2. Brody Montgomery, Bandon; 3. Wayne Butler, Bandon; 4. Garret Smith, Springfield; 5. Mike Taylor, Reedsport; 6. Hannah Robison, Myrtle Point. Main Event: 1. Brody Montgomery; 2. Wayne Butler; 3. Mike Taylor; 4. Garret Smith; 5. Braden Fugate; 6. Hannah Robison.

Sportsman Late Models — Heat Race: 1. Ryan Emry, Corvallis; 2. Josh Kralicek; 3. Tahlan Rogers, Albany; 4. Dustin HItner, Coos Bay; 5. Roger Bell, Marcola; 6. Jacob Emry, Corvallis; 7. Jim Crabtree, Bandon. Main Event: 1. Dustin Hitner; 2. Ryan Emry; 3. Tahlan Rogers; 4. Jacob Emry; 5. Josh Kralicek; 6. Jim Crabtree; 7. Roger Bell.

Street Stocks — Heat Race 1: 1. Steve Dubisar, Coquille; 2. Dyllan Siewell, Bandon; 3. Ken Fox, North Bend; 4. Justin Krossman, Coquille; 5. Austin Morrow, Coos Bay; 6. Toby McIntyre, Coos Bay. Heat Race 2: 1. Seth Christian, Roseburg; 2. Leroy Rockwell, Florence; 3. Loren McIntyre, Coos Bay; 4. Joseph Wilson, Coquille; 5. Tyler Tullos, Bandon; 6. Charlie Withers, Bandon; 7. Peyton Reigard, Coos Bay. Main Event: 1. Seth Christian; 2. Steve Dubisar; 3. Ken Fox; 4. Leroy Rockwell; 5. Justin Krossman; 6. Dyllan Siewell; 7. Toby McIntyre; 8. Loren McIntyre; 9. Austin Morrow; 10. Joseph Wilson; 11. Peyton Reigard; 12. Tyler Tullos.

Mini Outlaws — Heat Race 1: 1. Jason Kellam, Coos Bay; 2. Jeff Thurman, Coquille; 3. George Wheeler, Florence; 4. Jamie Daniels, Coos Bay; 5. Cody Veitenheimer, Battleground, Wash.; 6. Nicole Emry, Corvallis. Heat Race 2: 1. Tristen Davidson, North Bend; 2. Scott Beaudoin, Portland; 3. Matthew Emry, Corvallis; 4. Thomas Greer, Riddle. Main Event: 1. Jason Kellam; 2. Jeff Thurman; 3. Tristen Davidson; 4. George Wheeler; 5. Matthew Emry; 6. Codi Skeslien; 7. Nicole Emry; 8. Scott Beaudoin; 9. Jamie Daniels.

Hornets — Heat Race 1: 1. Seth Christian, Roseburg; 2. Dan Briesacher, Florence; 3. Kris Parker, Florence; 4. Alexis Baker, Myrtle Point; 5. Steven Parker, Florence; 6. Jamie Daniels, Coos Bay. Heat Race 2: 1. Kenneth Dill, Prineville; 2. Isaac Stere, Cottage Grove; 3. Jayden Miller, Winston; 4. William Hitner, Port Orford; 5. Lily Metzgus, Myrtle Point; 6. Jim Van Loon. Main Event: 1. Seth Christian; 2. Kris Parker; 3. Dan Briesacher; 4. Alexis Baker; 5. Steven Parker; 6. Isaac Stere; 7. Lily Metzgus; 8. Jayden Miller; 9. William Hitner; 10. Jamie Daniels; 11. Kenneth Dill.

Junior Stingers — Heat Race 1: 1. Tallon Dubisar, Coquille; 2. Drake Vincent, Myrtle Point; 3. Haileigh Crosier, Roseburg; 4. Anthony Hoggatt, Bandon; 5. Ethan Dill, Prineville; 6. Tanner Dubisar, Coquille; 7. Tucker Dubisar, Coquille. Heat Race 2: 1. Griff Smith, Bandon; 2. Alex Butler, Bandon; 3. Heather Burton, Coos Bay; 4. Jordan Wheeler, Florence; 5. Dylan Wheeler, Florence. Main Event: 1. Griff Smith; 2. Heather Burton; 3. Cameron Metzgus; 4. Tallon Dubisar; 5. Drake Vincent; 6. Dylan Wheeler; 7. Alex Butler; 8. Hailiegh Crosier; 9. Ethan Dill; 10. Jordan Wheeler; 11. Tanner Dubisar; 12. Anthony Hoggatt; 13. Tucker Dubisar.

Western Sprint

Tour Speedweek

July 12

Street Stocks — Heat Race: 1. Steve Dubisar, Coquille; 2. Justin Krossman, Coquille; 3. Dyllan Siewell, Bandon. Main Event: 1. Steve Dubisar; 2. Justin Krossman; 3. Dyllan Siewell.

Mini Outlaws — Heat Race 1: 1. Tristen Davison, Coos Bay; 2. Jason Kellam, Coos Bay; 3. Scott Beaudoin, Portland. Heat Race 2: 1. Jeff Thurman, Coquille; 2. Jamie Daniels, Coos Bay; 3. Stephanie Nix, Coos Bay. Main Event: 1. Tristen Davidson; 2. Jason Kellam; 3. Scott Beaudoin; 4. Jeff Thruman; 5. Lori Fuller, Medford; 6. Stephanie Nix; 7. Isaac Stere, Cottage Grove.

Junior Stingers — Heat Race 1: 1. Madilynn Hardy-Ashley, Jasper; 2. Cameron Metzgus, Coos Bay; 3. Tallon Dubisar, Coquille; 4. Heather Burton, Coos Bay; 5. Taylor Fuller, Medford. Heat Race 2: 1. Alex Butler, Bandon; 2. Tanner Dubisar, Coquille; 3. Izzie Stere, Cottage Grove; 4. Tucker Dubisar, Coquille. Main Event: 1. Madilynn Hardy-Ashley; 2. Tallon Dubisar; 3. Alex Butler; 4. Heather Burton; 5. Cameron Metzgus; 6. Taylor Fuller; 7. Tanner Dubisar.

360 Winged Sprints — Heat Race 1: 1. Tyler Thompson, Harrisburg; 2. Tanner Holmes, Jacksonville; 3. James Setters, Spirit Lake, Idaho; 4. Joel Myers Jr., Santa Rosa, Calif.; 5. Patrick Desbiens, Roseburg; 6. Steven Snawder, Roseburg. Heat Race 2: 1. Jodie Robinson, Del Oro, Calif.; 2. Justyn Cox, Sacramento, Calif.; 3. Kinzer Cox, Cottage Grove; 4. Colby Copeland, Roseville, Calif.; 5. Brad Bumgarner, Chico, Calif.; 6. T.J. Richman, Deer Island. Heat Race 3: 1. Drake Standley, Yuba City, Calif.; 2. Corey Day, Clovis, Calif.; 3. John Clark, Windsor, Calif.; 4. Matt Hein, Roseburg; 5. Brian Boswell, Roseburg; 6. Austin Sause, Coos Bay. Main Event: 1. Corey Day; 2. Justyn Cox; 3. Colby Copeland; 4. Tanner Holmes; 5. Tyler Thompson; 6. Jodie Robinson; 7. John Clark; 8. Matt Hein; 9. Steven Snawder; 10. James Setters; 11. Brian Boswell; 12. Patrick Desbiens; 13. Brad Bumgarner; 14. Austin Sause; 15. Joel Myers Jr.; 16. T.J. Richman.


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