Harbor Master Paul Stallard came up with the idea for two fish/crab brag boards for Salmon Harbor. 

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WINCHESTER BAY — Salmon Harbor Marina staff have yet another means to market their facility.

"I tour facilities all around," said Harbor Master Paul Stallard. He'd attended one of the Pacific Coast Congress of Harbor Masters conferences and came up with the idea of a brag board, where fishermen could hang up their catch of the day. 

The marina now has two brag boards, which have hooks and lines for recreationalists to hang their fish from. Boards come with a bit of flair if you will. On one side is a depiction of a thermometer with the wording along the side of "So-So," "Spotty," "Good," "Excellent," and "Red Hot." That's all depending of course on "how the fishing was." 

On one particular day a World War II veteran and his group caught a Chinook and seven coho salmon. He went out with Umpqua Anglers, which is based out of Winchester Bay. 

The project started in early spring and wrapped up at the end of May. 

Salmon Harbor employees constructed the brag boards. 

"We built the frames," he said, adding that they poured the concrete. Blooming Rustic of Reedsport put in help on the project too, building the thermometer and measurement boards. B & T Embroidery of Coos Bay constructed the arched top. Cost was minimal, coming to about $500. 

"We think it's great advertising for Salmon Harbor," Stallard emphasized. "We have thousands of guests that come to Salmon Harbor every year to fish and crab and it’s a perfect place for them to hang their catch take a photos of their prized catch. It’s great to see the guides posting their pictures on FB using the brag board." 

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