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Gage Billings

Reedsport's Gage Billings follows a blocker on a running play during the jamboree against Coquille in August. Billings was named to the first team for the Sunset Conference on both offense and defense. 

Reedsport’s Gage Billings was named the defensive player of the year for the Sunset Conference in voting by the league’s coaches.

Billings, who played on the line on defense also was a first-team selection on offense at running back.

Reedsport had a handful of first-team selections on each side of the ball as well as Javier Analco being both the first-team punter and place kicker.

On offense, Griffin Lavigne was named to the first team on the line, Analco at tight end and Korde Parmenter at wide receiver.

On defense, Dallas McGill was named to the first team on the line, while Parmenter was honored at linebacker and Marc Chaney at defensive back.

Reedsport’s second-team selections included Jacob Chaney at center and Colby Fowler at linebacker.

Marc Chaney was an honorable mention pick at quarterback and Alex Carson and Nick Glover were recognized at defensive back.

Gold Beach’s Taylor Mather was the league’s offensive MVP after leading the Panthers to the league title.

Myrtle Point’s Jimmy Farmer and Waldport’s Jack Walker were the coaches of the year.


Reedsport's Gabby Clark was player of the year, Gabi Parker setter of the year and James Hixenbaugh coach of the year for the Sunset Conference after the Brave had an unbeaten run through the league season.

Reedsport's Ellie Cardoso also was on the first team, while Jaedyn Mast was on the second team and both Michelle Martin and Kaylee Stoltey were honorable mention picks. 

Sunset Conference Football

Offensive Player of the Year: Taylor Mather, Gold Beach. 

Defensive Player of the Year: Gage Billings, Reedsport. 

Co-Coaches of the Year: Craig Walker, Waldport, and Jimmy Farmer, Myrtle Point. 



Quarterback: Taylor Mather, sr, Gold Beach. Running Back: Yancy Rangel, sr, Gold Beach; Trevor Walker, sr, Gold Beach; Gage Billings, jr, Reedsport. Wide Receiver: Brandon Seuser-Smith, jr, Gold Beach; Korde Parmenter, sr, Reedsport; Daimion Sharp, sr, Toledo; Raven Didijer-Small, sr, Waldport. Tight End: Javier Analco, soph, Reedsport. Center: Michael Dalton, sr, Gold Beach. Offensive Line: Chris Salazar, sr, Gold Beach; Luke Gilbert, sr, Gold Beach; Nate Cross, sr, Toledo; Dachotta Coxen, sr, Toledo; Griffin Lavigne, jr, Reedsport. 


Defensive Line: Gage Billings, jr, Reedsport; Dachotta Coxen, sr, Toledo; Tyson Lilly, sr, Gold Beach; Dallas McGill, soph, Reedsport. Linebacker: Taylor Mather, sr, Gold Beach; Yancy Rangel, sr, Gold Beach; Nate Cross, sr, Toledo; Korde Parmenter, sr, Reedsport. Defensive Back: Trevor Walker, sr, Gold Beach; Daimion Sharp, sr, Toledo; Marc Chaney, sr, Reedsport; Donavin Phommaphat, sr, Bandon. 


Kicker: Javier Analco, soph, Reedsport. Punter: Javier Analco, soph, Reedsport. 



Quarterback: Braydon Freitag, soph, Bandon. Running Back: Donavin Phommaphat, sr, Bandon; Kody Howry, jr, Toledo. Wide Receiver: Alex Carpenter, sr, Gold Beach; Raven Dery, sr, Myrtle Point; Cameron Lonergan, jr, Toledo. Tight End: Cody Sears, sr, Myrtle Point; Coby Smith, soph, Bandon. Center: Jacob Chaney, soph, Reedsport. Offensive Line: Austyn Hallock, soph, Waldport; Luke Smith, sr, Waldport. 


Defensive Line: Zach Denney, sr, Gold Beach; Cayton Sinay, jr, Bandon; Brennan Boston, sr, Bandon. Linebacker: Jack Davis, fr, Bandon; Colby Fowler, sr, Reedsport; Chris Vineyard, sr, Waldport; Danny Werder, sr, Toledo. Defensive Back: Alex Carpenter, sr, Gold Beach; Raven Didijer-Small, sr, Waldport; Jayce Travellian, sr, Toledo. 


Kicker: Awbrey Fawcett, sr, Waldport. 



Quarterback: Marc Chaney, sr, Reedsport; Isaac Warner, sr, Myrtle Point; Michael Cooke, sr, Waldport; Jaxson Rosewski, fr, Toledo. Running Back: Darian Phommaphat, sr, Bandon; Brodie Parrish, jr, Myrtle Point. Wide Receiver: Jacob Farmer, jr, Waldport. Center: Matt Yarber, jr, Bandon. Offensive Line: Cody Martin, sr, Gold Beach; Brynn Green, fr, Bandon. 


Defensive Line: Isaac Warner, sr, Myrtle Point; James Evans, sr, Myrtle Point; Kaden Neal, soph, Waldport. Linebacker: Brodie Parrish, jr, Myrtle Point; Jalen Robbins, sr, Myrtle Point; Derek Punch, sr, Gold Beach; Matt Yarbor, jr, Bandon; Kolbi Albitz, soph, Waldport. Defensive Back: Jacob Farmer, jr, Waldport; Nick Glover, jr, Reedsport; Alex Carson, fr, Reedsport; Wyatt Dyer, fr, Toledo; Raven Dery, sr, Myrtle Point.

Sunset Conference Volleyball

Player of the Year: Gabby Clark, Reedsport. 

Setter of the Year: Gabi Parker, Reedsport. 

Coach of the Year: James Hixenbaugh, Reedsport. 

First Team — Gabby Clark, sr, Reedsport; Gabi Parker, sr, Reedsport; Essie Cardoso, sr, Reedsport; Meghan Price, sr, Myrtle Point; Kacie Otis, soph, Toledo; Paris Newdall, sr, Gold Beach; Bree Smith, sr, Waldport; Kennedy Turner, fr, Bandon; Elea Kenyon, sr, Myrtle Point. 

Second Team — Tana'ya Barnhart, soph, Toledo; Kayleanna Ridens, sr, Gold Beach; Jaedyn Mast, sr, Reedsport; Madison Brown, soph, Myrtle Point; Maddy Berry, jr, Bandon; Kira Villareal, jr, Waldport. 

Honorable Mention — Rylee Richards, soph, Toledo; Kate Pride, sr, Myrtle Point; Michelle Martin, sr, Reedsport; Belle Laurino, sr, Gold Beach; Kaylee Stoltey, sr, Reedsport; Mikayla Retherford, sr, Toledo; Brianna Seuser-Smith, jr, Gold Beach; Sierra Smith, jr, Myrtle Point. 


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