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Legal action for damages against the City of Reedsport and the Gardiner Sanitary District (GSD) are being researched as a basis for a class action law suit.

Fact: The Gardiner Sanitary District is again considering a rate increase.

Fact: The rate payers in Gardiner now pay the City of Reedsport to treat rain water as sewage to be treated.

Fact: Charging for the actual amount of sewage was ignored by the GSD during contract negotiations, costing every rate payer in Gardiner money every month.

Fact: Income property owners in Gardiner, including several GSD board members, only pay one sewer bill per address. The sewer billing is a sweetheart deal that does not bill per dwelling unit. (Example) An apartment unit that should get six bills each month only gets one.

The inept contact negotiations and not billing every single dwelling unit and paying for the treatment of rainwater continue to injure every rate payer in Gardiner to the benefit of the City of Reedsport and the pockets of the GSD board.

Mike Quartararo


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