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Jeanne Plagmann

Jeanne Plagmann has lived in Reedsport since 1978 and began working for the city in 1991. She's had various roles over the years, including in animal control, then as a police dispatcher and finally as a municipal court clerk.

REEDSPORT — An institution at City Hall is retiring effective Wednesday, Feb. 28.

From working at animal control to the police department and in the front as the municipal court clerk, Jeanne Plagmann has practically done it all.

On a recent Thursday, she helped one customer after another.

"Hi. You've got a sit down desk here now," said one man, who was paying a bill for another customer, smiling.

Plagmann was born in Long Beach, Calif., moving with her family to Ashland, Ore., when she was 4. She graduated from Ashland Senior High School in 1974.

Plagmann's lived in Reedsport since 1978, calling it home.

Her husband, Tom, grew up in Reedsport.

"His dad was the barber here. Earl. He was a barber here shortly after World War II. Raised eight kids here cutting hair," she said, adding that Tom graduated from Reedsport High School in 1971.

Plagmann started her tenure with the city in 1991. She said this was a part-time job with Animal Control and that the position looked of interest to her "and then they cross trained me and they sent me to the academy in '94."

Specifically she was sent to the two-week police dispatcher academy in Monmouth.

She later went on to take extra college classes at the high school through Southwestern — specifically medical terminology — while she worked at Dunes Family.

"Probably the most challenging part of my job was when I was working dispatch," she said, referring to the November 1996 Oregon floods.

Normally she worked eight hour shifts but "I ended up working 12 hours so it was crazy."

With the flooding, "I think it was just me and Sgt. (Mike) Macho. His wife was Judy, the supervisor who got me into communications dispatch."

Plus there was the issue of "Just having your family and not knowing where they're at."

At that time, Tom worked for Umpqua River Navigation, which provided many services including dredging, paving and construction. The company personnel were stuck up the river because of flooding. Conditions were so bad they had to rescue Merle Hausmann and his spouse, the couple who own Leona's Sugar Shack.

After working for Animal Control from 1991 to 1994, she then worked as a dispatcher from 1994 to 1997. Then she returned to work for the city in 2003 serving as the municipal court clerk.

Most of her time with the city has been enjoyable however and she likes her co-workers.

"The people I work with. We all get along pretty well," Plagmann said.

Deanna Schafer is one of her co-workers and friends.

Schafer, the city recorder and administrative assistant, has it down to the proverbial T, figuring she's worked with Plagmann 13 years, 11 months and seven days. She said Plagmann's also worked in accounts payable/receivable, front counter clerk, payroll backup employee and as an Umpqua Discovery Center secretary.

"She is always up to special projects and has planned most of the annual barbeques an holiday celebrations for employees," Schafer said. "She also voluntarily served as a representative on the safety committee and was the secretary for that."

After her Feb. 28 retirement, Plagmann plans to spend time gardening, traveling and with her grandchildren.

She has two, grandsons Bragin Plagmann, 8, from son Luke. The other is granddaughter Brynlee Nielson, 7, from daughter Tera Plagmann.

The city clerk plans to start traveling around Oregon and then visit Tom's brother in Idaho and "then take it from there."

"I'm probably going to miss the people. Just that I'm excited to retire," she said. Then it's on to the next adventure as she put it.

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