GARDINER --  Voters have decided it's time to replace Gardiner Sanitary Board members Susanna Noordhoff and Richard Nored.

According to final unofficial results from the July 19 recall election, there are 122 registered voters, and 65 of them cast their ballots -- or 52.85 percent. The results were as of 10 p.m.

Noordhoff, was recalled 33-29, and Nored was recalled 34-28.

Former board member Mack Holman launched the recall effort, stating that the board was conducting board business by e-mail. He added that they have ignored district ordinances and overcharged him for emails.

Noordhoff countered this in her election response filed with the county, saying the $500,000 pipeline construction "generated many emails, not secret votes!" She added that there's been no doctoring of minutes despite what Holman might think.

Neither Nored nor Holman could not be reached for comments regarding the election night outcome.

Nored has served about two years on the sanitary board.

He provided some perspective in a June interview.

"There's a lot of work that has to be done," Nored said. "He recalled the last board, and I think he enjoys doing that sort of thing."

"We've had a hard time finding anybody who wants to do that board," Nored added.

Reached by phone, Noordhoff made the following remarks.

"I appreciate the people who supported me and have valued the experience," said Noordhoff, who has served on the board since July 2014. "I believe that the district is well managed and well positioned for the future. It has been a learning experience and an unbelievable amount of work."

Douglas County Clerk Patricia Hitt explained what happens next.

"I have to wait 14 days after the election for anyone who has a challenged or unsigned ballot to correct," Hitt said. "After that I can certify, at which point board members are removed if the recall was successful."

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