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REEDSPORT -- City councilors have approved a one-year contract extension with SHN Engineers & Geologists, Inc. for on-call services.

"The main thrust of SHN has been the water plant," Public Works Director John Stokes said.

SHN is working closely with Pacific Excavation Inc., which will be paid $866,000.

Councilors approved the extension with SHN in early June.

Specifically city public works crews plan to have an ultraviolet light water treatment system online for later this summer. Bids were opened Feb. 7.

By Oregon mandate, towns must test their water for cryptosporidium. Stokes emphasized that Reedsport has never had any of this species in its water supply but that regardless, the city must test. The other reason city leaders switched over was to replace the city's "expensive and aging ozone disinfection equipment."

The $866,000 includes cash for the ultraviolet system plus money for a chemical additive alternate bid from the MIOX chlorine generation system. MIOX. The term MIOX stands for Mixed Oxidant solution. The MIOX firm has offices in Albuquerque, NM.

"We're in the last construction phases of it," Stokes said. "We're on site every single day."

He provided background, saying that on Aug. 8, 2015, councilors approved the annual contract for civil, structural and engineering services. These were to be provided when needed. Then on June 6, 2016, councilors approved that contract for another year.

Stokes said the firm has been the main company on the community's water plant ultraviolet assessment report and the current upgrade project. He's been pleased with what he's seen, saying SHN has been professional to work with and inexpensive.

To continue services through construction and project completion and more services city employees may need later, Stokes recommended to councilors in June of this year that they renew the contract. After Aug. 1, 2018, the firm gets no more extensions and then city leaders will put out a new request for bids for any future services, such as engineering.

In another contract matter, city councilors approved a one-year contract extension to Dedekind Engineering, LLC, for as-needed engineering help. Councilors approved the original agreements also Aug. 8, 2015 and June 5, 2016.

Dedekind employees have helped city staff by surveying and utility verification for sewer line replacement, plus Housing and Urban Development grant estimates for water and infrastructure services, the wastewater plant chlorine conversion study and "various cost estimates for grants and city projects," Stokes wrote in his staff report. As with the SHN contract, once this agreement is finished no more extensions will be allowed. Once again according to law the project will have to be bid.

Stokes said "the two firms are very different," referring to SHN and Dedekind.

"SHN is a large staff," he said. "Dedekind is a one person staff."

John Waddil is principal owner of Dedekind and Sotkes said "his main thing has been sewer plants."

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