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REEDSPORT -- The Port of Umpqua continues to operate with a fairly new ice machine, helping bring in more revenue.

Port commissioners recently approved the 2017-2018 budget. Manager Charmaine Vitek spoke of the document in her budget message. The total budget comes to $1.67 million.

She wrote that "the port purchased, installed and is currently operating an ice machine at Salmon Harbor...." The idea? Commercial fishermen are using the machine.

Money from the port's capital reserve fund paid for the machine, electrical costs and a refrigerator van plus associated expenses.

"This project was anticipated to cost approximately $140,000," Vitek noted. "To date (as of May 17), the actual project cost for the project is $159,375 for machinery and infrastructure...."

She explained more of the ice machine preparation.

"Infrastructure would be things like the cement slab and anything to prepare the site," Vitek said.

There's another $12,230 for "soft costs," which include a Douglas County permit and legal counsel fees. The total comes to $171,600 for the ice machine project. Total revenue as of mid-May came to $5,757.

"There were no federal or state permits required," the manager added.

"It's pretty simple like it always is," Port Manager Vitek said of this year's budget.

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