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REEDSPORT — It's perhaps a new and different approach, but members of the Reedsport Church of God are spreading the word of the Bible to children.

With mics in hand and a scene that resembles a TV broadcast, staff and volunteers reach to students each Sunday to discuss the Bible and how it relates to our time. Sunday Morning Live broadcasts start at 9:30.

"We were brainstorming about our children's ministerial program and wanted to do something different," said Associate Pastor Kristen Zetzsche. High energy. That was the task.

Zetzche said all children's groups study the same material Sundays. Parishioners started the news program in November. 

"It was probably early to mid-November," the associate pastor said.

There's a larger objective in mind. 

"We haven't really done correctly guess the answer are then given a small present. 

Now let's meet the news team. 

Cameron Speer is one of our co-hosts, along with Marc Chaney. Jost Zetzsche, Kristen's husband, was involved earlier. 

"They are natural born hams," she said. They then have a variety show. Kids get into it, dancing along with the would-be journalists. 

From the Sunday classes, volunteers encourage youth to spread the word of the Bible to their fellow children in other church classes.

The following is just one sample from a show. 

"Good morning and welcome to this week's edition of Sunday Morning Live. My name is Cam Pain," said Cam. 

"And I'm Marc Aroni and we want to thank you for tuning into our weekly program, happening every Sunday morning right here at the Reedsport Church of God," said Chaney, who's the son of Suzie and Allen Chaney. 

"We'll be bringing you the most important good news every week, along with sports, entertainment and trivia," Cam said. 

Kristen emphasized that "all kids are welcome to come. I think they'll really enjoy it. If kids aren't already involved in a church, we'd love to have them come." 

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