Tara Miller

Tara Miller

When Tara Miller decided to make the move into real estate, she was not content with being “good”.

She has sold and listed numerous properties. Miller wants to be a top agent along the South Coast. It may sound like a big goal, but Miller's history says don't count her out.

A highly-successful interior designer with clients all over the world, Miller knows what people are looking for in residential and commercial properties. She knows what they need to do to get properties sold for top dollar.

A lot of people can sell. But being the best requires a lot more than showing a home and letting someone walk around. Being the best requires a lifetime of experience around real estate and homes. Few have the experience Tara Miller does.

“I know what a bearing wall is, approximately what it will cost to remodel a kitchen, and if it’s worth it for that particular property,” Miller explained. “I also offer home staging complementary for all of my listings.”

In a lifetime of interior design, Miller has personal relationships with contractors, manufacturers and developers. In this market, this can help with getting higher quality workers, materials and funding for various projects, in a more timely manner.

When Miller decided to become a real estate agent, she turned the traditional job interview tables around. With her license in hand, she began a process of trying to find the right agency to work with that would represent both her and her clients. Rather than go to a job interview like most, she did the interviews before deciding to join Pacific Properties. "

I interviewed about 12 different companies, not just in Southern Oregon but areas all over Oregon" Tara said. "I wanted to hang my license somewhere where I could still be independent and stay in the area that I have come to call home. An area filled with good, hard working people with similar values.”

Honesty and integrity are key to how Miller works. At about 110 pounds, she proudly says that she’s a “firm hand shaker” and is not afraid to tell buyers and sellers the good, but also the bad about properties she shows them - even if it costs her a sale.

Miller has sold several homes and was recently chosen by Sue Sweet to sell the historical, Piercy Suites in Langlois.

“I have known Tara for over a year now...meeting her through a mutual friend when she relocated to the Southern Coast area,” said Sweet. “We became instant friends as we shared a mutual interest in real estate, decorating and love of the coastal area. For over a year I had been trying to sell a home I had owned in Langlois. She volunteered to help me decorate it and spent an intense day relocating furniture, hanging pictures, painting, etc. She brought in her own decorating items from the supply she keeps on hand and the difference at the end of the day was dramatic. After a year of sitting on the market, my home received a full price offer! True story! She currently has a listing on another property I own in the area. Again, she has supplied it with her personal decorating touches. She has provided me with the professional information I need to present this property well and I have no doubt she will get the job done.”

The property on Highway 101 is currently used for long and short-term rentals and is booked year-round. Miller said it is a great investment property and has a proven record of turning significant profits.

Whether your home is worth $200,000 or $5 million, finding a buyer for top dollar will be Miller's passion if she is asked to sell your home. And based on her history, motivation and knowledge, you will be in good hands.

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Tara Miller Cell: (970) 391-6322   Office: (541) 347-5623

Tara Miller
Tara Miller

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