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The Port of Bandon Board of Commissioners has three seats on the ballot, one of which is a contested race. These are profiles on the candidates, with the answers in their own words.

Editor's Note: Rod Taylor did not respond to emailed requests for response.

Seat Sought: Port of Bandon Seat 5

Name: Harv Schubothe

Age: 74

Years in the area: 15

Occupation: Executive Director, Greater Bandon Association

Past political/civic experience: Port of Bandon Commissioner; City of Bandon Planning Commission; City of Bandon Parks & Recreation Commission; Southern Coos Hospital Budget, Finance Committees; Governor’s Developmental Disabilities Council.

What do you hope to accomplish if elected?

I want to have open and transparent communications so I can represent the wishes of taxpayers in the entire Port district that goes far beyond just Bandon. We must preserve all their assets in the District, especially the marina, and maintain boater accessibility for fishing and recreational vessels. These assets must made inclusive so that those who are impaired, for example, can go fishing at the pier or can safely walk and view the river or lighthouse. And we need to continue to serve as an engine of growth for the economies of Bandon, Coquille, and our rural areas.

What do you feel are the most important issues you’ll be asked to face if elected?

Dredging will always be of prime importance to keep our navigational channels open given the sediment accumulation. I am most concerned over maintaining the aging Port facilities, particularly but not only the Marina which must be redeveloped as the existing structures are deteriorating. Dike repair is coming as the north and south jetty deteriorate. Beyond that, I look at how the Port can serve as an engine for living wage jobs in the area. The Marketplace, for example, is one of the few business incubators in the area. Some Port property offers strategic infill opportunities. There is also the Port’s Economic Development Loan fund.

How would you address those issues?

Funding will be crucial. Given the Port District’s track record, securing support for dredging may be the easier to address given general awareness of the issues and partners stepping up with support in the past although it takes continuing, never-ending work. The Marina redevelopment and later the dike repair will have incredibly significant price tags going far beyond what tax, rent and moorage rates can provide. It requires grant support from agencies and foundations that share our mission. It requires more fund raising. I have a strong background and have success in both areas, but it must begin by increasing public awareness.

Why should voters trust you with their vote?

Candidates can and do make promises they do not keep or say things that do not reflect who they really are. Actions speak louder than words. I have listed my many experiences over the years above. There are public records available for all of those. Voters can go to those records and judge my actions. When they do so, they will find that I have carried out and furthered the wishes of the communities that I have represented. Most important, they will find that I have listened and rather than saying no, I have shared how they can get there.

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