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Michael A. Gordon, CPA

Not Your Basic Bean Counter


290 S 4th St
Coos Bay, OR 97420
Last Updated: August 10, 2017




About Michael A. Gordon, CPA

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Michael A. Gordon, CPA

Michael A. Gordon, CPA - Not your Basic Bean Counter

Michael A. Gordon received his MBA from UC Berkeley, and after spending five years in Denver, CO with Arthur Andersen (at the time the largest CPA firm in the world) Michael decided to bring his big-firm experience to the Pacific Northwest.

Michael's experience allows him to bring serious expertise to a part of the country where people and businesses are much nicer and much friendlier!




Our many services include, but are not limited to:

• A lot of year-end planning

• Tax Return Preparation for individuals and businesses

• Accounting services

• Receivable and Payable for Clients


Do you have questions for Michael A. Gordon, CPA? Feel free to pick up the phone and give the office a call! Michael A. Gordon would love to schedule an appointment to speak with you and answer any additional questions you may have about our services- all at no charge or no obligation.

To schedule your next appointment, call Michael A. Gordon, CPA today! 541-269-1272



Our Staff

Alisha Collins

New kid on the block


Dawn Buxton, Enrolled Agent

Enrolled to practice before the IRS


Kim Phelps, CPA

Certified Public Accountant


Michael A. Gordon, CPA

Certified Public Accountant


Rhoda Gordon

Cook Extraordinaire


Susan Watson, LTC

Licensed Tax Consultant


Tammie Martin, Office Manager

King of the Hill


Carie Curtis

Team Mom


"It is so nice to have a real person answering the phones at Michael A. Gordon, CPA's office. The phone calls are answered promptly, no 10-20 rings before you get a canned message with an option menu to wade through. Whenever we call there is a pleasant and often times happy voice on the other end to answer our questions. Probably many of our questions are the same ones asked 50 times that day and she still is genuinely interested in helping us and getting our questions directed to the right person. Prompt responses to our questions. Even if the person doesn't have the answer off the top of her.his head they will call and say they will do some research and will get back to us when they have the answer. When they do answer the question we feel very confident the answer is correct and the advice is the best for our particular situation. Everyone you meet in the office seems happy to be working there. There is no "not my job" attitudes or negativity of hostility in the air. (We love Tammie's laugh) Lots of communication. Never ever have we had so much mail, reminders, and enticements to stay informed about our tax and business situation. Mike makes every effort to keep us up to speed on the ever changing laws and regulations. Customer appreciation parties and gifts. These make all of us feel like are an important part of this business and the food (Thanks to Rhoda) is amazing. My husband also really appreciated the candy ALWAYS available at the front desk."

-Karen G.

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Michael A. Gordon, CPA

290 South 4th Street
Coos Bay, OR 97420




The INFAMOUS MEAL DEAL is a great option for those of you nervous about making an appointment. The good news its really simple!

Michael loves to eat. All you have to do is take him out to lunch (to the restaurant of his choosing) and YOU pay! It's the cheapest hour of his time you'll get!

News has spread of this awesome deal, so make sure you call early to book a MEAL DEAL!

*MEAL DEAL is not offered during tax season.


Contact Information For
Michael A. Gordon, CPA

290 South 4th Street
Coos Bay, OR 97420


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