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ODFW trout plants have shifted to central Oregon and some of the area’s most popular trout fisheries were stocked last week.

Crane Prairie Reservoir received 6,600 legal rainbows, Miller Lake was stocked with 6,000 legal rainbows, East and Paulina Lake each received 2,500 legal rainbows. Miller Lake is slated to receive 3,500 legal rainbows this week along with 900 trophy rainbows. Two streams that are still receiving hefty trout plants are the McKenzie River above Leaburg and the Rogue River above Lost Creek Lake. The North Fork Santiam River received 1,800 legal rainbows last week and the Rogue above Lost Creek Lake is slated to receive 2,500 rainbows weekly throughout the rest of the summer.

When I read that the CDFW intended to re-establish Mono County’s Kirman Lake as California’s top lunker brook trout lake. I immediately thought about central Oregon’s East Lake. Like Kirman, East is a food-rich lake with limited spawning areas. Decades ago, East Lake had a few small gravel-bottomed areas that used to offer wonderful flyfishing during September and October for brookies measuring 14 to 19-inches.

When the decision was made to begin stocking Atlantic salmon, kokanee and brown trout the stocking of brook trout was discontinued.

While East Lake’s new fish species proved quite popular — especially the brown trout — there always seemed to be something missing with the brook trout gone.

Stocking brookies in East Lake shouldn’t be problematic as the lake is a closed system. The lake record brookie weighing an impressive 7 pounds.

East Lake is also a prime choice to catch decent-sized brown trout from the bank. Situated at an elevation of 6,400 feet, cold early morning temperatures should have the browns cruising close to the surface within reach of bank anglers by Labor Day.

It’s getting to be that time of year when the ODFW encourages anglers to fish early mornings rather than afternoon — especially if they plan to release their catch.

Closed for several months because of safety concerns regarding steep dropoffs near shore, Olalla reservoir near Toledo has refilled, been restocked and has reopened to angling.

A recent issue of the Columbia Basin Bulletin warns fishery agencies to not Wait For More Reports To Gear Up For Intensive Pike Suppression, Rapid Detection and response will be very important.

Lookout Point Reservoir continues to increase in popularity among Springfield and Oakridge area anglers and many morning arrivals walk the shoreline near launch sites to view the carcasses of fileted walleyes caught the preceding night.

Mike Long, a southern California angler who has made a career out of chasing a single giant largemouth bass in Dixon Lake, has come under Internet “fire” for cheating in many different ways. Accused by many of snagging giant bass to the point where went through the trouble of putting together an hour-long video, the most damning concrete evidence against Long occurred when he took credit for catching a lake record largemouth from Poway Lake that was actually caught by another angler.

As for local fishing reports, the Umpqua River shad run is essentially over except for a few fish being caught at Sawyers Rapids.

Ocean salmon fishing out of Winchester Bay was surprisingly good last week.

The South Jetty produced a couple of lingcod measuring more than 30 inches last week.

The pinkfin run is still going strong in the lower Umpqua River above Winchester Bay. Fishing pressure has been greatly reduced with the start of the ocean coho salmon season. The run should last through July.

Fishing local beaches for surfperch was very slow last week.

Fishing for striped bass on Smith River picked up last week with almost all of the stripers caught being quite small. Some of the larger stripers taken recently were caught by anglers using live sardines which they purchased at Umpqua Bait.

Coquille River striper fishing continues to be very good with some of the best fishing occurring in the two hours before dark.

While there haven’t been many reports of recent smallmouth bass catches from the Coquille River, the Umpqua River smallmouth fishing has been red hot and extends as far as nine miles east of Reedsport.


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