Data regarding the current ocean selective (finclipped) coho season has been updated through July 21st and 30.3 percent of the quota has been caught and kept with fishing success running at .88 retained salmon per angler/trip. The most successful port so far continues to be Depoe Bay with 1.21 kept salmon per angler trip.

By far the busiest port has been Newport, with 11,854 angler/trips. Winchester Bay is now the second busiest port with 5,674 angler trips.

The updated results for all 10 ports in our zone are: Garibaldi (5,221 angler trips, .48 retained salmon per angler); Pacific City (3,138 trips,.95 retained salmon per angler); Depoe Bay (4,776 trips, 1.21 retained salmon per angler); Newpor (11,854 trips, .106 retained salmon per angler); Florence (0 trips); Brookings (2,045 trips, .33 retained salmon per angler); Gold Beach (105 trips, .00 retained salmon per angler); Bandon (147 trips, .51 retained salmon per angler): Charleston (1,720 trips, .60 retained salmon per angler); Winchester Bay (5,674 trips, .85 retained salmon per angler).

As for Chinook salmon catches, Newport leads with 1,064 followed by Depoe Bay with 634 and Winchester Bay with 522.

I’ve often wondered why striped bass enter some tidal rivers and not others.

Decades ago, a number of adult hybrid stripers (wipers) weighing 6 to 9 pounds entered Tahkenitch Creek while ignoring the nearby Siltcoos River, which offered much easier access.

More recently, migratory stripers bypassed Coos River/Coos bay in favor of the Coquille and Smith rivers. The stripers relative absence in Coos Bay concerns me as the 13-square mile estuary would offer considerable insurance against the stripers in the Coquille and Smith rivers suddenly deciding to migrate to somewhere outside of Oregon

Bill Taylor reported that while he hasn’t matched his 11-inch, 17-ounce bluegill he recently pulled out of Tahkenitch Lake, he has caught a couple of jumbo ‘gills in the 9- to 10-inch class from the same general location.

The Umpqua River surfperch run is pretty much over — but the last two years there was a hot bite during the last week in July.

Recreational ocean crabbing continues to show gradual improvement. Dock crabbing, with the occasional exception of the Coast Guard Pier, has not yet shown much improvement. Some herring are being caught by anglers fishing sabiki rigs from Dock 9 in Winchester Bay’s West Basin.

There are now enough Chinook salmon in the lower Umpqua River that an impassable bar is no longer a valid reason to not go salmon fishing.

Smallmouth bass angling on the Umpqua and Coquille rivers is excellent.

Smallmouth bass are being caught with a little more regularity in the Smith River.

Anglers fishing for smallies on Woahink Lake are not fishing deep enough for their best success. The same can be said for anglers seeking black crappie at Eel Lake where the post spawn crappies are usually a little deeper than where most anglers are fishing for them. Bluegill fishing is much improved and they are closer to the surface than are the crappies.

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