Data regarding the current ocean selective (finclipped) coho season has been updated through August 11th and 39.8 percent of the quota has been caught and kept with fishing success running at .74 retained salmon per angler/trip for the season. The most successful port so far continues to be Depoe Bay with 1.01 kept salmon per angler trip.

Ocean salmon fishing continued its gradual several-week decline, with salmon-fishing success now down to .74 retained salmon per angler/trip. Newport continues to be the busiest port along the central Oregon coast. Its 17,891 angler/trips is nearly twice as many as any other port. Winchester Bay is second with 9,456 angler/trips and Garibaldi is third with 8,710 angler/trips.

The updated results for all 10 ports in our zone are: Garibaldi (8,710 angler/trips, .51 retained salmon per angler); Pacific City (4,726 angler/trips,.92 retained salmon per angler); Depoe Bay (6,626 angler trips, 1.01 retained salmon per angler); Newport (17891 angler /trips, .90 retained salmon per angler); Florence (0 angler/trips); Brookings (3,267 angler/trips, .28 retained salmon per angler); Gold Beach (177 angler/trips, .00 retained salmon per angler); Bandon (202 angler/trips, .47 retained salmon per angler): Charleston (2,065 angler/trips, .55 retained salmon per angler); Winchester Bay (9,456 angler trips, .62 retained salmon per angler.

As for Chinook salmon catches, Newport leads with 1,196 followed by Winchester Bay with 719 and Depoe Bay with 663.

With two weeks left in the season, 39.8 percent of the quota has been caught and kept and there is no chance that season quota will be met or even approached.

Portland-area salmon-fishing regulations that were loosened last year are more restrictive this year.

Second rod licenses will not be allowed on the Willamette River this year.

Barbed hooks will no longer be legal to use on the Columbia River this season.

As of August 16th, jetty anglers can, once again keep one cabezon measuring at least 16-inches per day. But as for boat anglers, it’s still catch and release.

Studies quoted in “The Columbia Basin Bulletin. have concluded that a major cause of hatchery salmonids straying in coastal streams is due to certain streams lacking distinctive odors. The gradual acidification of the ocean also appears to be an important factor regarding the straying of spawning salmonids.

A reminder that things could always get worse was the recent closing of every Mississippi beach due to toxic algae.

Unsubstantiated rumors of California halibut taken at multiple locations at Winchester Bay are still being repeated — but so far, remain unverified.

Striper fishing on the Smith River improved last week for bait anglers.

According to Loon Lake Lodge, the BLM Campground is still closed and isn’t slated to reopen until 2021. Its closure has definitely affected boating and fishing pressure on different areas of the lake. Recreational usage is very heavy at the upper end of the lake near the old “Ducketts Dock,” but recreational usage in the middle and lower end of the lake is definitely greatly reduced.

Several Florence-area lakes are providing good early morning fishing for largemouth bass and yellow perch.

An inexpensive and easier way to move fish over dams and other obstructions has been developed by WHOOSHH. It’s definitely worth an internet search. — make sure you spell it right.

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