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As of July 1st, California hunters may no longer use lead ammunition.

Additionally, Californians need a California driver’s license, a passport or other acceptable form of photo ID to purchase ammunition.

Californians can bring ammo in from out of state, but only 50 rounds or less — and it has to be the same ammo they were using to hunt out of state.

Californians may have to undergo background checks, even while buying ammo at a range.

CCW holders are not exempt from ammunition background checks.

Californians with no record of a firearm registration will pay $19 for a background check and those with a registered firearm will pay $1 for a background check.

While Californians may no longer hunt with lead ammunition, lead ammo will still be legal for target shooting and self protection.

Last Monday, Bill Taylor walked into the Stockade Market with the biggest bluegill I’ve seen in several years. The jumbo gill measured 11-inches in length and weighed 1 pound, 5 ounces. Bill pulled the lunker ‘gill from Tahkenitch Lake while fishing for bullhead catfish and yellow perch.

Data regarding the current ocean selective (finclipped) coho season has been updated through July 14th and 26.3 percent of the quota has been caught and kept with fishing success running at .89 retained salmon per angler/trip. The most successful port so far continues to be Depoe Bay, with 1.30 kept salmon per angler trip.

By far the busiest port has been Newport, with 10,015 angler/trips. Winchester Bay has been the second busiest salmon fishing port with 3,373 angler trips.

The updated (through July 14th) results for all ten ports in our zone are: Garibaldi (4,577 angler trips, .50 retained salmon per angler); Pacific City (2,751 angler/trips, .89 retained salmon per angler); Depoe Bay (4,068, angler trips, 1.30 retained salmon per angler); Newpor (10,015 angler trips, .97 retained salmon per angler); Florence (0 angler/trips); Brookings (1,829 angler/trips, .35 retained salmon per angler); Gold Beach (58 angler/trips, .00 retained salmon per angler); Bandon (198 angler/trips, .64 retained salmon per angler): Charleston (1,481 angler/trips, .63 retained salmon per angler); Winchester Bay 4,737 angler trips, .89 retained salmon per angler).

As for Chinook salmon catches, Newport leads with 1,034 followed by Winchester Bay with 363 and Brookings with 272. Retained cohos still outnumber retained Chinooks at Brookings.


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