Center, with the axe Timber Tina, over Tina's left shoulder, Norma Evans. Over Tina's right shoulder, Jody Smith, Then master instructor Kate Perry and Basin Tackle Rob in the soaking wet "seen better days" cowboy hat.

Howdy everyone! Well, I made it through another Sports Show season and this one was by far the best yet! All of you that came out and shook my hand and told me how much you appreciate these articles completely took me aback. I more or less knew we had a good readership but the volume of people that came up to me to say hi was very humbling, I simply cannot thank all y’all enough. In addition to all you amazing people: there are the event staff, the vendors, the animals, and of course the show’s stars. This year all the way from Florida we had Dexter and his amazing grizzly bears, we had five-time (Ultimate Fight Champion) UFC World Champion Tim Sylvia, and last but certainly not least, the Lumberjills. What is a “Lumberjill” you ask? Today, instead of talking about fish or wildlife in our area we will talk about 'that' very animal.

The rare and endangered Lumberjill inhabits the wilds of the state of Maine, in the Ellsworth area, and have done so for several decades. Lumberjills are consummate entertainers and world class athletes that will dazzle, impress, and entertain audiences of all ages and will occasionally travel the country to perform their craft. Their craft includes carving and competing with chainsaws, competition cross-cut log sawing, log chopping with axes sharp enough to cut off a foot and not even know it, and axe throwing.

Let me state right off that those of you that know me have no doubt I rolled my eyes and said out loud “oh cool, girls throwing axes” with a sarcastic tone when I first heard of them. I generally do not impress easily and certainly do not follow fads, trends, or things that are politically correct. I can state that after spending time with these amazing women, I am now and shall remain forevermore, their biggest fan!

The head of this tribe is none other than Tina Scheer, aka Timber Tina, who I have affectionately renamed "Tina Log Turner." She in kind responded by branding me with the moniker of “BTR” for Basin Tackle Rob. Tina has been performing with her troupe at her home base and around the world for many years now and like a fine wine she just keeps getting better and better! Tina has been a color commentator for ESPN, starred on ABC’s Battle of the Sexes, appeared on Survivor, and far too much more to mention. Tina Log Turner has created something special for women, a place where they can shine and show off their abilities in what would traditionally be a man’s world. TLT’s troupe is made up of full-time as well as part-timer Lumberjills with such varied backgrounds as students, lawyers, fine art majors; and while I don’t know for certain, there’s probably astronauts and brain surgeons in there as well. As the father of a couple little girls that melt my heart on a daily basis and mean more to me than life itself, I can appreciate this on a different level than I would have when I was younger.

After spending several days with TLT and her entourage I decided that I too could perform with at least some level of ability in their world. And one evening after dinner I got volunteered/forced to accept some sort of challenge. Did I mention they log-roll? Yeah, apparently that’s what I chose as my “craft.” After watching them perform a few times, I really had the idea of how easy it was to do, couple this with ten or fifteen minutes of watching YouTube videos and... it’s a piece of cake. As a side note it turns out most of the better log-rolling videos online are of these ladies!

At some point during the show, it was time for my BTR Log Rolling debut and I was ready. As the emcee of the whole entire sports show I wield amazing power with my microphone and I try to use my powers for good and not evil. I announced to all in attendance that my surf-perch fishing clinic was cancelled and, in its place, I would be outside, in the pond, on a log, dazzling and entertaining, the likes of which Oregon or the entire West Coast — possibly the World had ever seen before.

Approximately three seconds later it was over and I say three seconds because I rounded up.

The water was balmy and warm, probably in the upper thirties. Any coffee I had that day stepped aside and let the water take over the duty of waking me up! I jumped up on the log over and over, and again and again the same results befell me. How could this be? I totally YouTubed this thing! Generally I consider myself able and adept at most things I set my mind to.

My performance was so lackluster that other men hung their heads in shame for me as I passed them. One even told me how there’s “no way its THAT difficult.” That “one” was Guide Jody Smith — a date and time was set for a challenge. Somehow our challenge morphed into a mini Lumberjill competition with Jody and I on the log-roll, and Guide Norma Evans and Captain Clarence Cole in an axe throwing competition. Captain Clarence doesn’t know that Norma had some behind the scenes coaching prior to competition, but I guess he probably does now!

In the end Norma beat Clarence and Jody beat BTR by like HALF A SECOND.

I would like to thank my tutor and all-around-great-sport and athlete, Lumberjill Kate Perry, for attempting to teach the unteachable (me) and for only quietly yelling at me in front of the audience. Her exact words through clenched teeth were “I can’t feel my legs, can you PLEASE hurry?” as she stood in the water while holding the log that I was very good at falling off of.

Once again, I want to thank every one of you, every reader, every Facebook follower, every customer and friend that we interact with for it is each of you that makes the things we do possible and affords us the opportunities that we have. I am forever grateful.

Whether you’re crabbing in the bay, chasing lingcod on the ocean, or log rolling in a pool I hope to see you out there!

Rob Gensorek is the owner of Basin Tackle www.basintackle.com in the Charleston Marina and can be reached by phone at (541) 888-FISH, by Facebook at Basin Tackle Charleston, or e-mail at basin_tackle@yahoo.com. Robs fishing reports can be heard daily at 6:20 a.m. and 4:20 p.m. on KRSB Best Country 103 out of Roseburg and his Basin Tackle Outdoor Show can be heard Wednesdays at 3 p.m. on kwro.com. In addition to all this he sometimes actually gets out and catches a fish or two.

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