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Back in November I spent a few hours getting my monthly dose of left-leaning news by watching CNN. If I heard Mr. Biden state that he had no plans to raise anyone’s taxes that made less than $400,000 once, I heard it a dozen times. Now we find out there are exceptions to this promise, like if you own a gun, you can look forward to thousands of dollars leaving your pocket in the form of new taxes! As Mr. Biden’s economic plan is being fleshed out, we find that if you placed money in a 401k plan and you use it to augment your Social Security, you can expect an increase in your taxes! If you invested in the stock market you most definitely will see a rise to your tax liability, depending on your success, a double-digit increase! Ask yourself what will you get for these higher taxes — a safer community, improved infrastructure, less homelessness, improved health care? If 70 years of life has taught me anything, don’t hold your breath!

Gary Collins

Myrtle Point


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