Imagine for a moment that when Mr. Simpson and others came to this area and saw all the big trees surrounding this area and the big Coos Bay, they did nothing to make our natural resources available to California and others. Well, as we know he and others did what it took to get those trees to market and provide many, many jobs for our local economy.

We are in much the same place now. We have a natural resource close at hand that we can help bring to market and provide many, many jobs for our local economy. We feel it and see it every day. It is the air moving across our area from the sea. It is wind. Off our shore is a tremendous natural resource and we need to do what it takes to get that energy to market. There is no doubt that this natural resource will attract a lot of money and it is up to us to do what it takes to share in the money that will flow from this natural resource.

The best part about the wind resource is it will last a lot longer that the big trees. It is continually renewable, like growing trees, however, it is not subject to the over-harvesting that hurts our timber economy. It will also help our fishing economy by helping to prevent the ocean acidification that is killing life in the ocean. We can move into a the wind energy economy and create long-term jobs that will give our children and our children’s children jobs for a long time.

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Come to the Hales Center at SWOCC on Saturday, Oct. 19, at 7 p.m. to learn more about what we have and how we can work together to share in the wind energy economy.

Katy Eymann


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