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The current coronavirus situation has completely changed my campaign for Coos County Commissioner. I would love to be going door-to-door to meet people and encourage them to vote for me on May 19. Since I cannot do that, I reach out to you this way, so you can see what is in my head and heart.

One way to view the current coronavirus situation is to see it as an experiment, really a huge two-part test for humans. How will we in Coos County and around the world respond to two basic questions?

The first question is: Will we take the necessary actions that reality requires to defeat this virus? It is a science question. We are in the midst of a huge science experiment. I hope we all do what is suggested by the best health experts to lessen the number of people who become infected and die from this disease. Granted, the best experts may not always agree, yet I believe we can let them learn and follow their recommendations. Governor Brown is doing that. The first question essentially asks will we use our heads (brains) to do the right thing to save lives?

The second question is: Will we take care of each other? The second question essentially asks will we use our hearts to do the right things to save lives? I spoke with Natalie at the Mediterranean Café while picking up a take-out order and maintaining proper social distance. She said she notices her other take-out customers are “caring, positive, and sharing how they were helping one another.” This is good news. I hope we are all doing that, especially for those who have the least among us. I have signed up to give blood and am available through an app called NextDoor to help my local neighbors in need.

Once this is over, we will be able to look back on our experience to see how well we performed during this experiment.

Meanwhile, if you have any questions about my stand on any issue, please contact me at or go to my website at

Katy Eymann



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