Will people leave because of LNG? No one can or will be able to convince me that I am safe here if the LNG plant and pipeline are built. It doesn't matter what Pembina's safety record is or what some local or state government official says.

Someone will probably make the remark that I am not informed or uneducated. It's a matter of common sense. Why would I want to live near a large diameter 1600 psi high pressure gas pipeline and/or storage tanks or ships containing thousands of gallons of LNG when there are many other nice places to live?

I will be leaving the area long before the plant becomes operational along with how many others that will no longer feel safe living here? If the LNG project is approved will property values in North Bend and in the areas where the pipeline will be located decline because of LNG fears? For everyone of us that will leave because of the LNG project, there is another that wouldn't want to live here because of it. What will happen if the project doesn't end up like Pembina's glossy postcard? Will the project supporters leave too?

Peter Brandt

Coos Bay

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