When considering the Legislative Assembly salary and expenses (ORS 171.072) one must ask ones self a question: Why would the Assembly be trying to give them selves an additional $20,000 a year raise?

Well, it turns out that the 2018 Schedule OR-ASC (Oregon Adjustments for Form 40 Filers) has a very interesting Subtraction code 335. It says, and I quote from Oregon Department of Revenue, Pub 17 (150-101-431 [Rev. 12-18]), “Oregon law exempts legislators’ compensation for the performance of official duties (legislative salary and expense allowance) from Oregon income tax. This subtraction is available only to members of the Oregon Legislative Assembly who served during the tax year.”

It would appear that since a legislator is already receiving pay and expense allowance Oregon state tax free why not add an additional $20,000 a year to the pot?

I have been told, by Oregon legislators, the real reason is because the legislators in California and Washington receive a lot more money for their service than their cohorts in Oregon and we must keep up with the neighbors next door.

I would suggest that the next time the Oregon Legislative Assembly is looking for more money to spend they consider eliminating Subtraction code 335 instead of placing a sales tax on new or near new vehicles or reducing many Oregon seniors’ medical deduction with a paltry medical subtraction. I’m sure the Assembly could tell us how much money that would save Oregon tax payers.

It is obvious to even the most casual observer that not only does the Legislative Assembly want more control over rural Oregonians by attacking or Second Amendment rights with SB 978 but they want us tax payers to pay them more for it.

Jim Jochum

North Bend

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