Mayor Wetherell and council members have proven to the citizens of North Bend they serve special interests, instead of those that elected them. Ignoring their budget, Mayor Wetherell and the council, passed a “Safety Fee.” Lying to the citizens of NB that these fees were paying for law enforcement — fully knowing these services are paid for by taxes. Soon they raised it from $5 to $15. The citizens voted the fee frozen. Defiantly, they raised the fee to an outrageous $30, forcing a citizen petition, which passed, rolling the fee back to $15.

Many remember the temper tantrums and scare tactics that ensued at the NBPD— threatening to not work from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. Research and you’ll discover that ‘Safety Fee’ is for funding the PERS account — an unsecured liability — not wages! Mayor Wetherall and the council have been obfuscating, self-serving, complacent, and compliant, continuing lying to all of you. Further, they led you to believe that turning back that $15, caused you to lose services like the pool, which has been closed due to Covid.

What makes a good mayor? Most would answer integrity, pride in community, transparency, and someone one can relate to. One candidate that stands out from the rest, is James Rose. Jim served time in the military, then he, and his wife, CeCe, raised their family in North Bend. Small business owners, they understand the struggles that brings. Jim loves NB and would never consider consolidation with Coos Bay. His biggest desire is to see our city grow in a positive direction — eliminating the current divisive politics.

Personally, I’ve known Jim for many years and can vouch for his character. He never desired to enter the mayoral race, until he felt the need to right the wrongs that are taking place. Jim will listen to you, because he is one of you. He will prioritize helping North Bend fix items from the past, so North Bend can be a city you and I will take pride in now and in the future.


Cheri Langlois

North Bend



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