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Now that we've settled for an autocratic, kleptocratic, plutocracy, run by Trump, McConnell and Justice Roberts (no big protest marches anywhere), we can look forward to our handiwork starting with Trump's takeover and denigration of the justice department. But never forget the name of each Republican Senator who not only voted to keep Trump going but who wouldn't even listen to more evidence, making it clear that they didn't want even the pretense of a fair trial after swearing to be impartial.

Mitch McConnell has been particularly guilty of perjury but being a Republican the double-standard applies. By the time Kentucky voters actually wake up to his unprecedented corruption too much damage will have already been done. And let's not forget the Trumpster cult members who have given him so much support for our undoing. Some of them live right around here.

So we can forget about doing anything about global warming/climate change as some cap-and-trade protesters want to do, forget about pill price gauging and unaffordable health insurance (which kills thousands annually), student debt undermining college attendance and graduation, repairing and maintaining our infrastructure, monopolization of our industries so wages can be suppressed and price gauging maintained, pay-check to- pay-check consumer debt loads as well as ballooning federal deficits, which will be backed by taxpayers, an equitable tax system, reforming our dysfunctional election system, improving our environment, which includes protecting other species and becoming a respected partner on the world stage, etc.

This is what the right actually stands for. That's what you get when you vote for any "Trump/Republican." 

And don't be fooled. Every Democrat "moderate" is actually a Republican light. They will take the big "contributions," (bribes), and do the bidding of their patrons wherever they can get away with it. Remember Clinton and Obama. This current list includes Biden, Buttigieg, Globecher, even Bloomberg, who would stand not to lose money given a progressive tax plan he could prevent.

In Oregon, we benefit from having enough Democrats to override local and other rural rube voters. Actually, we should have proportional allocation of electors, not a sweep. But overthrowing Trump is likely to be a tough job given what he will sink to in order to win. Or he just may decide to stay on, win or lose. Who could or would stop him now?

John Zimmerman

Coos Bay



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