I get the willies when I read a letter like Dick Leshley's recent: He writes, "Jordan Cove will change the face of our community for the better at a risk that is small at worst." Gadzooks! If there is a small risk anywhere it is certainly on the part of Pembina, the latest Canadian owner of Jordan Cove LNG. Surely you've noticed that the latest promos for the project no longer use the three most-important initials in its name. Those initials are L.L.C, which stands for Limited Liability Company. Pay attention. If your news source is anything other than Fox, I'm sure you're aware that just to our south, Pacific Gas and Electric is facing billions of dollars in class-action lawsuits stemming from the fact that some of the horrendous wild fires recently may have been caused by its equipment. PG&E's first response? NOT, "Sorry for your loss, how can we help?" The company's FIRST RESPONSE is to declare bankruptcy. They have not yet been declared totally at fault. Bay Area residents are gifted with a glimpse into a certain future: Should any catastrophic damage occur because of this LNG facility built on sand, or its high pressure thin-walled, 400 mile long pipeline, Pembina Jordan Cove LNG L.L.C. will fold into a shell the size of a lawyer's briefcase while the owners beat feet back to Canada. Left holding the empty bag will be you and me. Tell me again, who's taking the risk on this venture?

Coos County residents must depend on the kindness of strangers for their futures. Thanks to Douglas County Circuit Court Judge Kathleen Johnson for blocking the approved SEVENTH extension (since 2009) of the pipeline through Douglas County. And Jackson County Commissioners are asking the state to block the Pacific Connector Pipeline. They cite the recent PG&E fiasco as an example of what could happen, as well as probable damage to water resources. Jackson County is blessed with concerned commissioners. What exactly are the Coos County Commissioners doing to protect your health, safety, property, and environment?

Ron Dudas

Coos Bay

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