At a recent short trip to Coos Bay Safeway, I counted more than six people not wearing a mask. Also, many people were not following the one-way aisles which are clearly marked and social distancing was sketchy at best.

Not wearing a mask and not following reasonable guidelines is not a political statement, it is just stupid. You are putting the public, yourself and people you care about at risk. Coos County has been spared a lot but there two to four new cases every day. This thing is not over. Right now government people in D.C. are being infected because wearing a mask has not been required. Those small clear plastic face guards are not enough protection.

If you have breathing issues, STAY HOME. You should not be out with this virus going around.

When you get in a car you CLICK-IT. People — well most people — follow traffic rules, stop at red lights, walk on green, follow their employer's direction. Why is this even an issue? Some stores are even requiring masks to protect their own employees. Safeway personnel told me they are told by their managers to not confront people who refuse. Help your fellow citizens survive this mess.

Rick Shearer

Coos Bay


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