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Much of the country continues to ponder if and when President Trump will be impeached and removed from office. Many Dems, led by Speaker Pelosi, want to wait for Robert Mueller's report which may include indictments of those closely surrounding the president and Trump himself. However, we can't count on indictments to get Trump out of office. Our courts are controlled by Republican hacks and delays will go on for nitpicking years, but there is plenty of evidence of "high crimes and misdemeanors".

However, what gets insufficient consideration is the further damage Trump will be doing each week he occupies the Oval Office. Given the extensions Mueller wants to continue investigating Rodger Stone etc., let alone the time it will take for the indictments to play out, combined with the Senate refusing, or at least delaying Trump's removal from office; as it stands now we are looking past 2020 before he goes. And if the plethora of Dem candidates and/or an Independent spoiler dilutes the opposition we may be in for another 6 years of Republican control which will get nothing good done to solve our increasing problems, including our obscene wealth distribution and runaway global warming.

Consider this: the more one attains public or private power the more power he has to do harm to many people. For example: Trump's government shutdown not only wasted $3B-plus, money that could have been used to relieve financial stress and lengthen lives, instead it actually imposed an unlegislated tax on contract workers who will never be repaid. Add up all Trump's damages and they amount to more than a few actual murders. Very few take this into account.

Trump has belittled, without evidence, our Intelligence workers and favored dictators over our traditional allies. His sudden Syrian withdrawal pronouncement caused General Mattis to quit, then Trump backed down. He won't defend the country against cyber attacks and won't fully impose sanctions on Russia. His continuous, blatant and obvious lies lowers our integrity standards every day, etc. etc..

We need to impeach Trump now.

If Dems and the mainstream media would only fully and continuously out obstinate Republican Senators there would be a chance of removing Trump from office and/or taking back the Senate by 2020. If Dems would unite behind a true progressive and overcome an Independent spoiler we might be able to begin redress.

John Zimmerman

Coos Bay

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