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As our local area newspaper I strongly feel that the very first thing people need to see when they open your web page or the newspaper itself is a comprehensive display of:

Volunteer organizations sewing, delivering, helping with shopping, welfare checks, collecting disposable gloves for use by our first responders, especially our police officers who have no choice but to closely interact with the public.

The story about the quilters was good but we don’t need stories we need information.

You can do the stories somewhere else.

All we should have to do is open your home page and the first and only thing we need to see is columns of contact names and phone numbers for the various services that our under-served population needs.

In other words, strip it down to just the essentials.

You can expand all you want on other pages.

We have thousands willing to help, but finding where and how is like a disorganized scavenger hunt.

Get serious and get there quick while we have time to prepare, let’s not squander this small blessing of advanced notice.

Wouldn’t hurt if the library web page did the same as well as the home page for Bay Area Hospital

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