Recently, another term has come back to the forefront, adding more confusion, controversy and hostility to our communications. The word is reparations.

Whenever the word is used whites imagine the current generation having to pay blacks, out of pocket, for the slavery sins of the past. In the white world this is deemed to be outrageous. However, candidate Cory Booker has posited indirect ways for at least partial recompense without the injustice: e.g. raising the minimum wage which would benefit both minorities (and women) the most. Such class based legislation should help to overcome Republican resistance.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has recently been ostracized for describing our migrant holding pens as concentration camps. Technically, she is correct--these facilities hold groups of individuals, concentrating them inside enclosures. It's not her fault that others leap to visuals of the Nazi camps of WWII. That is an association better replaced with another word(s) such as slave labor, death camps etc. After all, the Japanese were also held in concentration camps during WWII.

"Collusion" is another confusing term in today's world. It means that people come together, usually for evil purposes, on the sly, to achieve an objective. But although it is akin to, if not the same as conspiracy, it is not illegal but it is frequently thought of as such. This muddies the waters and benefits the culpable. It should have legal implications where warranted.

Another word is missing. We should have a gender neutral word for he-she or him-her. Either choice can be considered biased.

In any case, we have an upside down justice system. Instead of those at the bottom getting the full measure of law and condemnation and those near the top getting the widest latitude and discretion, it should be the other way around. Verbiage coming from top down should have the most restrictions as to veracity, given the widespread example the top tier sets. Ubiquitous lying should qualify as a misdemeanor for impeachment purposes. It should, in itself, be enough to get a President removed from office, after all "he" is our ultimate leader and should be held to the highest standard, not setting new lows to become new norms. Because of the egregious misuse of the 2nd amendment by Republicans, the amendment needs to be modified and new laws and prosecutions of the higher ups emplaced. And English teachers need to get with it.

John Zimmerman

Coos Bay

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