$45,000,000.00, $45 million dollars. That's a lot of money. Certainly, a life changing amount for one, two or even three families. $45,000,000.00 will be the amount paid to Coos County governments and agencies each YEAR by Jordan Cove. At the end of 20 years the amount will be $900,000,000.00, $900 million dollars that will be spent in our county for services, education and infrastructure to help our citizens. If you question these numbers, contact Coos County Assessor, 541-396-7901.

No longer will we have to go to Salem with our handout saying, "Oh! Look how poor we are. Please take pity." I for one am tired of asking for help because we are poor.

We have a chance with Jordan Cove to break this cycle. Please look beyond the scare tactics and support Jordan Cove. Go to boostsouthernoregon.org, join our team to win our independence.

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