My family and my wife's family have a long history with Coos Bay, North Bend and formally Marshfield.

Currently retired my wife and I are "snowbirds", (In other words we live six months or so here in North Bend and then back down to California to see our families.) Our families would love to move here as our ancestors did, but good jobs are not readily available. Many of you have the same story.

When we heard about the Jordan Cove LNG project, we wondered, how many good paying jobs would it create and for how long? Furthermore how many permanent jobs would it establish when the building phase was completed? The answer was about 200 permanent jobs. Jordan Cove's office has a handout called "What does Jordan Cove mean to my community."

You will be amazed at all the additional benefits!

The next question(s) was, could it be built safely and with what impact on the environment?

So we decided to investigate. We reviewed the project on Jordan Cove's website. We then spent an hour on the phone with the Cove's community affair advisor, asking questions. We then finally visited their office in Coos Bay. We then read the printed, full color brochures that are available in the office. (The brochures are a easy read with illustrated pictures, most informative.)

Our final conclusion was that the project is very well run, safe and thought out. The company is very concerned with safety and the impact on our community and nature. (Check out the tax advantages to our community also, very important.)

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We give the project a very strong, Thumbs Up!

Over the years we had heard negative rumors on the facility that turned out to not be true. It was nice to get a clear and accurate picture of the project. May we suggest that you do the same, get the facts then make an informed decision to support or not.

We believe that overall that this is an excellent opportunity for our community and the future of our children and for generations to come.

We need the jobs!

Gary Anderson

North Bend

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