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Regardless of brochures about "new owners", and "doing things differently". Jordan Cove LNG is scary and dangerous. Really, how can anyone prepare for security measures for something like this?

If it is such a big benefit, why do all the other coastal cites oppose all the promises and benefits.

Bringing frozen gas LNG into Jordan Cove by huge ships would stop activities like pleasure crafts, fishing, crabbing, fishing off the dock, for a very, very dangerous situation. Especially should there could be an earthquake or tsunami wiping out all of North Bend and create tremendous fires. The big one is coming, no one knows exactly when. Japan may have survived, but it wasn't built on sand dunes.

Gas is suppose to be sent inland by pipe which is tremendously hazardous because of pipeline breaks. People are against this pipeline. How can gas be sent by pipeline unless it is liquid? Under the U.S. Constitution, private property can be taken for public use, but not for private use. It would be a violation of our constitution putting a private pipeline on private property without owners consent.

We are told about all tax benefits the state and county would receive, we don't need all the tax money the Jordan Cove is predicted to bring. We don't need to make Coos County a "target for terrorists" either.

Coos County does not need this kind of hazard to provide jobs and eventual tax benefits. Additionally, all this puts a strain on Sheriffs 21 deputies and the Combined Service Unit.

We'd be sticking our necks in a noose, waiting for someone to tighten the ropes! No matter how many "brochures" are sent out and "under new ownership." It is still a "time bomb".

Barbara Reeves


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