A symbolic gesture not worth gambling on the future of our properties.

We are opposed to the application of the Confederated Tribes of the Coos, Lower Umpqua, and Siuslaw to nominate our bay for listing in the National Register of Historic Places. While the Tribes’ application for Traditional Cultural Property (TCP) might be a symbolic gesture with nice sentiment, if approved, it could result in dire consequences for property owners and our local economy. As impacted property owners, we are sending in an objection to this nomination and hope you will too.

Our family has owned residential and business property on the bay since 1952. Like many of you, we are heavily invested in this unique Bay Area – both to preserve its integrity and beauty, and to utilize it as a resource for our local economy. It is where our family has chosen to build our home and our business. Like many other property owners impacted by TCP, this is our greatest asset.

We are deeply concerned about what the Tribes’ nomination could mean to every impacted property owner. If TCP is successful, our properties will be deemed historic and regulated by Oregon Goal 5 land use laws. Goal 5 clearly states that local governments must adopt and enforce new regulations to govern historic properties named in the National Register of Historic Places, which will include, at a minimum, a public hearing and evaluation of new review factors on any proposed new projects.

We should not hand over the future of our homes and businesses to an unknown set of regulations. Greater regulations, costly processes, and limitations on our property will undoubtedly result in lower property values. Our struggling local economy cannot withstand what could be a dramatic drain of our most valuable assets, for what appears to be a dangerously misguided gesture to preserve the history of this region. It is simply not worth the risk.

We need a majority of the impacted property owners to fill out and submit objection forms, so we can stop TCP. Visit Coosconcernedpropertyowners.com to find out if your property is included in the proposed historic region and stop by the Coalition Office at 281 S. Broadway in Coos Bay to fill out a Historic District Objection Form. Together we can protect the future of our community.

Dale and Heidi Sause

Coos Bay

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