My wife and I are in favor of the proposed Jordan Cove LNG facility because we believe the project is safe and because we like a healthy, economically strong town where people have a good variety of jobs, stores to shop in, and everything else that a strong economy brings.

I moved to Coos County in 1948, and have lived here for over 30 years, and in Oregon for well over 50 years. Those days were the 1950s, when everyone worked, bought or built a home, and industry thrived. I put myself through college driving log trucks. I grew up fishing, hunting and “messing around” on the South Fork.

I like nature, green Oregon and natural science, so I became a geologist. I wrote a master’s thesis on the geology of the Bone Mountain Quadrangle in Coos County, the very area from which I had hauled logs to pay for the education. I know some things about rocks and rivers and earthquakes, and history.

My education took me out of state for my professional career, to places like Anchorage, Denver, El Paso, Oklahoma City, and Tripoli, Libya. I worked for Mobil Oil, where they continued my education with courses like Seismology, Petroleum Engineering, Gravity and Magneto Tellurics interpretation. I know something about the quality of people these companies employ and the quality of science and engineering they apply to their projects. Because of my experience, I trust the energy industry.

I chose to retire to Coos Bay and I would never support something that posed a risk for our community.

To me, the Jordan Cove Project is a very ordinary endeavor that has been accomplished in every state and every country in the world. Millions of miles of pipeline in more complex regions than Oregon function safely every day. In fact, more than 18,000 miles of pipeline are functioning safely beneath our feet in Oregon every day.

I believe Jordan Cove is as safe as any project can be of this magnitude. Coos County is blessed to have this opportunity to begin a new phase of economic life. This project will plant the seed for future growth in the region. It is a simple, clean project that will kick off development. A community can control the speed and magnitude of development, but having the seed for initiation of a new economy, well, that is a rare and welcome opportunity.

Ainslie Krans

Coos Bay

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